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ceremony seating for 200+ guest

i am having 6 foot banches should i do one bench on each side of the aisle or two
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Re: ceremony seating for 200+ guest

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    I think you should go with 2 on each side. Realistically 3 (4 tops) people will sit on each bench.  
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    Like NOLA said, you're looking at about 3 people per bench.  If you do one on each side, you're going to need your aisle to be 34 benches long to fit 200 people.  Assuming that your bench is 12" (which is actually pretty narrow) and you leave two feet of leg room, you'll have about 100 feet of aisle if you just do one.  Measure out 100 feet and see what you think.  Personally, I'd do two on each side.
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    At least two on each side, maybe even three depending on the space.  Each person needs about 24" of seating space, so your six foot benches only sit three average size people.  If you have people with any heft, you're only going to get two per bench.

    ETA:  You are probably only going to be able to seat two per bench anyway, since couples will want to sit together, and you can only fit three people on a six foot bench.  So you're going to need 100 or more benches.
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