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Families live in different countries - where do we get married??

My fiance and I live in the same town as his family in the UK, but I'm from Canada, and all my family live there. I had thought of having a quiet registry office ceremony just the two of us, then having two receptions/parties - one in Canada when we're scheduled to vacation there next summer, and one here in the UK, but, after announcing our engagement to our families, this plan got rather complicated. 

Both fathers seem to be fine with that idea - neither wants to have to travel, but both mothers have said that they really want to be at the ceremony and don't mind traveling, and I know they would be very hurt to be excluded.

The obvious solution would be to have a destination wedding and have everyone travel to be there, but doing that would mean that my fiance and I would have to cancel our plans to go back to Canada next summer because we can't afford to take two trips in the same year.

Do we ignore our mothers' only request and do it the way I first planned, or do I give up the trip home next summer that both my fiance and I want, even though I haven't seen my friends and home for over two years? Can anyone think of other options? I'm painfully stumped by this one.

Re: Families live in different countries - where do we get married??

  • Why don't you have the moms at the ceremony and then have receptions in the UK and Canada?  I don't see a reason to excluded either of them.
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  • Get married where you want to get married.  Invite your guests.  Those who can make it will, and those who can't will decline your gracious invitation.
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  • Ditto PP, have it where you want to have it.
  • I'm with tldh.  It's important to your moms, so have a small ceremony that they can attend and then have your receptions in Canada and the UK so that your families can attend without having to travel.
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  • I'm having two :o) one in idaho and cali because our families are in those two states. Maybe you can do a small one in Canada or a reception and have the ceremony in the UK. Hope things workout! congrats :o)
  • I'm from Canada, J's from Texas. Since my family loves to travel, all have passports, etc, we're going to do it down there. A few people will fly in, and I'm renting a large house so we can all stay together, and do the ceremony there, without putting his family out. Basically both J. and I kind of view this as the family's "goodbye" party - he's moving to Canada immediately after, and we don't know how long it's going to be before he can visit again.
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