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I need some ideas on a rehearsal dinner. We are getting married in March at the Memorial Drive Methodist Church.  We're doing the rehearsal at MDUMC and will have about 50 people at the dinner, which includes a lot of out of town guests. I was going to cater something at my parents' house but I don't want everyone driving all over town.  Any ideas for something not too expensive anywhere between City Centre (by the rehearsal) or downtown (by where the OOT guests are staying)?

Our reception is pretty fancy--sit-down dinner at La Cololmbe d'Or--so we wanted something more laid back that didn't cost an arm and leg (since we'll be splitting it with my FI's parents).


Re: Rehearsal dinner location

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    Right near there is Churrasco's. We used them for our rehearsal dinner and the pricing wasn't outrageous either. We only had 30 people so we had the smallest room.
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