Does anyone have any reviews about the Parador as a wedding venue?

Re: Parador

  • I really have enjoyed several weddings at the Parador. It is in a great and interesting part of town, parking is best suited for valet but I think it is beautiful. It is higher on the price scale, but may be worth it for you. I recall you saying that you had 200 guests and it is a perfect size for that. 

  • I have heard good things about it, but you do have to use their caterer or pay an extra fee to bring in a diff one or something along those lines
  • I have heard only great things about the parador- 2 of my friends used it as their reception venue.
  • I am having my wedding there this upcoming spring. I have been really impressed with the staff there so far, both the Parador's coordinator and the in-house caterer, Behind the Bash. Really timely with e-mail responses and helpful. I didn't find their prices to be any more or less expensive than other similar venues in town. Also, their open bar prices are a steal compared to some other places I priced out (we're talking $20+ a head cheaper)
  • Thanks everyone! Ended up going with the Parador for the wedding.
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