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Rhode Island

Mystic Aquarium

Has anyone had or been to a wedding at the Mystic Aquarium? I was wondering if it was a nice event or cheesy and the price range?

Re: Mystic Aquarium

  • RIFallBrideRIFallBride member
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    There is a bride on the CT Board that just had her reception there...I think her screen name is dannie134.  She has posted some photos and I think a few reviews.  She has nothing but awesome things to say, even made me wish we had looked there!  I'm sure she would be happy to share more information with you.  GL!
  • nickalicianickalicia member
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  • JessiHol1230JessiHol1230 member
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    I know back when I was in highschool we were going to have our prom there but there were restrictions on how loud the music could play because of the animals.  lol thats about all I know.  Good luck.  Try the branford house in groton, its stunning.
  • I just had my wedding at the mystic yachting center and although the venue was gorgeous the management is horrible! We paid a hefty sum for our 36 guest affair for only a ceremony and social following. She started off very accommodating and in the end they were very disorganized! We were told two days prior that we would need to take all of our decorations with us when we left the day of the ceremony ( after never giving a time restraint) and that we needed to be out for a rehearsal that would be taking place that evening. There were random people sitting in my bridal room who didn't even acknowledge my presences which as a paying client seems unprofessional and low class not to mention rude. It's a true disappointment because the venue is gorgeous but not worth the hassle and frustration steer clear of mystic aquariums yachting center.
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