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Rhode Island

Bachelorette - Providence

Hey girls, just looking for any suggestions of bars/lounges in Providence to go to for my bachelorette, I don't know much about the city nightlife anymore!  Looking for a place we can have drinks, but most importantly, dance. It will be a mixed group from 21 to 31, probably leaning toward the 31 crowd vs the 21 crowd.   A friend suggested a place on the river, the View I think, and we might start out at Nara on Federal Hill.  Thanks! 

Re: Bachelorette - Providence

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    Artini's is a great place on Fed. Hill they have delicious martini's. I am closer to the 31 age and so isn't my FI and friends we usually end up going to McFadden's it turns into a dance club at like 11 or 12.
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    I'm closer to the 31 than 21.

    But my suggestions are to go to Blush Wine Bar, Artinis (as mentioned by PP), View is the old Bella Vista right at waterplace park-- its definetly a "dance" place and a bit clubby at night- but it's nice that it has the outside terrace, etc.
    I think Nara is a really fun place to start! You can always go to Smoke Lounge too while you are up the hill.

    Mcfaddens is always a host of bachelorette parties. You know the sash, the crown the whole 9 yards. If thats your cup of tea- I say its always dancing etc but it is most definetly 21-23 yr olds, mostly kids just out of college .

    Also, Bradfords is fun for a Saturday night drink (but I'm partial becuase my cousin is the bartender).

    As well, I just got an email from a limo company we are hoping to use. They have a speical $75 and hr for a limo, with treats and pizza for the girls for late night, all kinds of "bachelorette" fun including a scavenger hunt etc. Its not up my alley- but I know that sounds like a lot of fun for someone that really wants to go out/dance and have fun. He drives everyone around all night and provides the champagne, the scavenger hunt, and at the end of the night you get an R-rated gift to take home. lol. Thats from Le Chic limo.
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