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Hello Girls!

I'm trying to find a place for me and my wedding party to get ready for the wedding. The wedding is in Providence at the Casino at Roger Williams Park. I was thinking of getting a hotel room nearby, but nearby hotels only seem to have standard rooms. It will be 5-6 people getting ready so we need plenty of space. A suite would probably work. Any ideas? I can't find anyone who has a suite at a price that won't kill my budget. (So the Biltmore, for instance, is out.)
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Re: A place to get ready

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    maybe try hotwire--is that the site where you can put in a price you want to pay and what you want? i hope i'm getting it right

    we did that for a bachelorette party--there are only 2 hotels in providence that are 4or 5 stars according that website--which are the Biltmore and Rennaissance Hotel. We got 2 rooms at the Rennaisance for 75$ each.
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    Im in the same boat... but I have 11 bridesmaids, so I also need a large suite.  If you find anything, please let me know!!  and i'll be sure to do the same. :)
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    I looked at your wedding date, it's March 2011?  I got married at the Casino too last October and I got ready at the NYLO.  It's in Warwick, it's closed right now b/c of the floods but should be back in business by March 2011.  We used their largest suite, it's 600sf and has a huge deck off the back (it got hot in the rooms with me, my parents, 3 BMs, FG, MUA, hair girl, etc......) so we actually used the deck to cool off!!  The pics were FANTASTIC there b/c the hotel is so modern.  They have a website, maybe it says when they are back in business?  (I just looked and it gives no date.......)  The pics were a nice contrast with the old charm of the Casino. 

    Our ceremony was down in Wickford so Warwick was 1/2way between the church and the Casino.  Our room blocks were at the NYLO and the Homewood Suites, also in Warwick.  The Crowne Plaza is right there too, but their bigger suites might be reserved for brides who are actually getting married there? 

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    How about the Nylo? I think it's reasonably priced and the back patio is great for pictures! I saw some on Zenobia's blog hmm let me see if I can find them!

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    I got a postcard about a new Hilton Garden Inn in Warwick not far from Jefferson Blvd. That or maybe try Crowne Plaza?
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    Nylo is great, but they are still not open after the flood damage they sustained in the spring. It's too bad. They were doing so well in the area too....

    I ended up going with the Renaissance Hotel in Providence and booked a suite for us to stay in. Thanks for the help girls. 
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