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Ordained online?

So after striking out with my cousin marrying us and having issues with a military chaplain, FI and I are starting to play with the idea of getting one of our friends to marry us....

So does anyone know what it takes to get this done? I'm just starting to do some research online and I'm totally clueless.

Any help would be great.


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Re: Ordained online?

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    Check with your county clerk because some states require clergy to be licensed others do not. 

    We had our friend ordained through the ULC.

    In our state he did not have to be licensed.  We applied for the marriage license and all he has to do is perform the ceremony and send in the paperwork.

    Good Luck!
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    Well we're getting married in Sacramento, CA. I think it's cosidered Placer County but I need to check.

    Idk why it says I livei n Vegas. It doesn't give Vegas and Reno as seperate options.
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    I am getting married in CA by my future brother in law who is ordained by the ULC. He did it online. My wedding coordinator said it is totally okay. The thing that gets you legally married is filing the paperwork so you can totally do it :)
    It saves money and I think there is something that is more personal about it.
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