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April 2012 Weddings

awkward situation

I wanted some unbiased opinions on this one!

I am trying to schedule with my fourth bridesmaid to go shopping for her dress.  She thought to invite my fiance's sister (who is also a bridesmaid; as you know it was one of those situations where she and I are not not close but I had to ask her out of politeness).  I understand fourth bridesmaid was trying to have a nice thought since she is semi-friendly with fiance's sister and hasn't seen her in a while.  But I feel like it puts me in an awkward situation:

1)  Fiance's sister already looked at bridesmaid dresses, and although she needs to finalize her selection she had said she wanted to go back with her husband to get a second opinion from him.  I'm not sure whether fiance's sister would enjoy going again with fourth bridesmaid and it would help her decide, or if it might be a little complicated if fiance's sister ends up looking at dresses three times and gets too many opinions.

2)  I would like to treat fourth bridesmaid to lunch afterwards.  I already treated fiance's sister to lunch back in February when she and I looked at dresses.  Fiance's sister can be touchy and I'm concerned that she would take it personally if I treat fourth bridesmaid but not her, but I don't want to treat fiance's sister to lunch twice unless I can think of another reason, which I can't. 
3)  The craziness factor is less with two people than three, as far as coordinating schedules and if it is crowded in the store (from what I've seen of David's Bridal sometimes things are fine and sometimes it is a madhouse).  I'm just more of a one-on-one person rather than a get-the-gang-together person, and especially with groups of three someone might end up as the third wheel.

4)  When I met fiance's sister to look at dresses, she was 20 minutes late.  (Thankfully there was a buffer built in that we were meeting for lunch beforehand and it didn't end up being rushed up).  This is not an unusual occurrence and could be even more likely given that she would be coming from almost an hour away.  Things could be mitigated to try to make sure it doesn't hurt anyone but fiance's sister if she is delayed, but I want to enjoy the time with my fourth bridesmaid and I'd just rather not deal with the "where are you?" phone calls and etc.

If fourth bridesmaid had suggested this way back when, before fiance's sister had looked at dresses, I probably wouldn't have had so many concerns and would have seen if fiance's sister wanted to coordinate, but I feel like I'm kind of an awkward spot.  Any suggestions on what I should do or how my concerns could be alleviated?  Thanks in advance :-)

Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.
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