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Apartment ceremony?

So we are having a really small wedding, like a dozen people.  We were thinking of having the ceremony at a church or an inn, but this morning FI suggested we do it in our apartment.  His reasoning is (1) we will save money, even though it is my parents who are paying and they can easily afford it, and (2) he is uncomfortable getting married in a church when I am not at all religious and have never been baptized (he is religious.  But the church we were thinking of does not require that the couple belong to the denomination or be baptized in order to get married there).  We can't get married outside (my first choice) because Nov will be too cold.

This is not as crazy as it sounds because our apt is in a nice old 19th century row-house.  The LR is about 200 square feet, hardwood floors, high ceilings, a fireplace and a bay window.  I think we would all fit, and then we could decorate it how we want and play the music we want.  We are not planning to have a reception - we are all going out to dinner afterwards instead.

Has anyone ever seen this done?  Is it tacky to do it in our own home?  I can't decide whether I like the idea or not Undecided



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