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Who is escorted?

My mom will need to be escorted because my dad is walking me down the isle, but what about everyone else in the front row? In the front row on my side it is just my mom, dad, and aunt (without her husband) and on FI's side it is his mom, dad, grandma (grandpa is our officient), and possibly aunt and uncle.
Since my Aunt won't have her husband there should she also be escorted by one of the groomsmen? We don't have ushers. And if she is should FI's mom also be escorted or is it ok to just have his dad escort her, and Grandpa escort Grandma on his way up to officiate?
I know this should not be that difficult, I just don't want to offend anyone.

Re: Who is escorted?

  • My father has passed away but we are having my mother escorted by my only brother. My FI mother has passed but his father is escorting his stepmom and then his grandma will walk down with his step grand father
  • We're not having anyone escorted down the aisle. It will be wedding party only walking down the aisle. I really think you can do it however you want to. There's no right way!
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  • We had all of our grandmothers escorted, as well as our mothers.  
  • When my brother got married my grandmother and our cousins' grandmother (other side of the family but close friend of ours) were given escorts.  Our family is Jewish so both my parents escorted my brother and will do that with me.  If my BF and I get engaged, he would be escorted by his mother (his father is deceased), and probably his grandmother would be escorted.
  • Hmm...we had quite a bit of escorting. One of my brothers escorted my grandma, the other one escorted my mom, H's brother escorted his godmother, and then they all circled back to re-enter as part of the BP. H's dad escorted H's mom and H's SIL at the same time. H really wanted to walk down the aisle, so he escorted his godmother to her seat, then took his place up front. Then we started the actual processional. It really didn't take very long. I think it would be nice to provide an escort for your mom and your FI's aunt. Your FI's parents and grandparents can definitely just walk together as couples.
  • Your aunts/uncles can sit in the front row but not be "escorted." They should leave the two seats closest to the aisle for your parents.  For our processional our family will be FI escorting his mom, my brotehr escorting my mom; one set of grandparents together, and then my brother escorting grandma and FI brother escorting their other gramdma.

  • It's pretty common for the MOB to be eacorted by the groom. Then the MOG escorted in some fashion with the FOG. grandparents are usually escorted as well. Both my grandparents were escorted as well as a lady who has been like a grandma to me for my whole life. None of H's grandparents could attend but we had a lady and gentleman who have basically been grandparents to him escorted in .
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