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hello, i'm wondering if anyone is getting married or has attended a wedding at the hyatt regency newport?  I can't seem to find many pics or wedding reviews online. the contact there has been fantastic, but it would be great to hear any feedback anyone might have. we have not signed any agreements yet as there are a few other places we're still considering. any thoughts would be much appreciated!!

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    I'm getting married at the Hyatt next September. I absolutely love the Hyatt! We're having our reception in the Rose Island Ballroom. We've been working with Tonianne and she's been fantastic. There was a review on here a couple of weeks ago from a bride that was getting married there in the next month or so and she was really happy with how smoothly everything has gone so far. I can't remember what her name was though. I also came across a Hyatt bride on a photographer's (Faith Dugan) blog. Here's the link: http://tiny.cc/3DHYM There are also a couple of pics of the Hyatt in My Bio as well. HTH!! ~Dana
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    Dana, Thanks so much for your input. We really like it and i was so happy when we left there. i've been so nervous to book worried i might change my mind, but in the end i keep going back to it! my contact there really is amazing. can't wait to book; then i can go for a massage and exhale.....
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    Im getting marries there 7-3-10 in the outside pavillion. I big plus is the no site fee. Thats the main reason we are going with them. The view is amazing. We are also having our ceremony there to. Im working with Toni. If you have any questions please let me know. =)
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    Hi lwolf2001, congrats on your wedding!  i was going to look into the pavillion at the newport, cuz of the rate and the views.  do you have any advice?  i'm wondering if there are going to be a lot of surcharges and also about decorating.  thanks!  patricia
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