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Rhode Island

Providence Radisson by TF Green - thoughts???

Hi Everyone!

I currently live in New York and am planning my RI wedding for October 2013. I have an appointment to go see the Radisson in a week and a half but I'm feeling antsy! I'm wondering if anyone out there has had a wedding or been to a wedding there and wanted to get an honest review. So far, all the info I've found seems great, but I just want to find out more. I'm also wondering, for those that have had a wedding there or who know a lot more about this than I do, if it is at all possible to throw a wedding there for about 175 people with a $10K-$12K budget?

Thanks in advance for any input!
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Re: Providence Radisson by TF Green - thoughts???

  • I went there to meet them. They seem to pride themselves on their food. They did have pretty good packages. The rooms were a little out dated but liked all the options they provided. You get a seperate room for cocktail hour. Ive been to a few smaller parties, anniversary and bridal shower there. Linda seemed very through.
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  • went to a wedding there in 2010.
    which was a little while ago i know - but
    the room was terribly outdated and in the basement - the laundry room was right outside of it.
    so you can guess the smells.
    i remember the food being OK - and the dance floor was fine - not too small- but it was very secluded and far from the lobby and outside.
    the ceilings were low and it just wasnt a nice atmosphere.
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