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Has anyone seen this function room.  I am trying to plan a Holiday party for the company that i work for and i came across this hotel.  Does the room have windows?

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Re: renaissance Providence

  • csun060797csun060797 member
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    When I was visiting the hotel for guest rooms I did quickly look at the function rooms.  When you first walk into the temple restaurant they have a great room to the left that seems more ultra modern, no windows and good for a cocktail type reception. I believe it holds 20-30.  They also have two or more (i think) other function rooms.  I don't believe they have windows either because they are in the basement of the hotel.  One function style type room has the paisley or bright rug that you would see in a hotel function business room and the other is more neutral.  I really like the cocktail type room in the temple.  Hope that helps.

  • jaz0822jaz0822 member
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    Hi, it depends how many people you plan on coming.  I've been to rehearsal dinners and birthday parties there and the smaller function rooms (although without windows) are very elegant and the food is great.  Temple bar/restaurant is so cool and we love going there.
    Thinking this, my FI and I looked at the ballroom for our wedding.  What a HUGE disappointment!! They have the ballroom in the basement so not only are there no windows, we felt extremely boxed in and clostrophobic.  I couldn't wait to get up and get fresh air.  The ballroom is a box with gaudy carpets and yellow walls.  I think this was such poor planning on the part of the hotel!!  They'd be raking in the $$$ if the ballroom was on the top for of the hotel with the views of the statehouse.   Good luck. 
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