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Rhode Island

Rehearsal Dinner/Welcome Reception: 41 North, Chanler Inn or The Mooring?

Hi RI brides,

We are looking at 41 North, The Chanler Inn and The Mooring for our rehearsal dinner (25 people) then a welcome reception (50).  We have a number of OOT guests so we want to give them a good feel for Newport.  We definitely want something outdoors and was wondering if any of you have any recommendations on any of these venues.  Somethings I love/not sure about:

41 North: love the central location, water views and casual but modern feel.  The service and food were excellent.  We are having our wedding at Belle Mer so the style is a perfect fit.  But they seem a little pricey.

Chanler Inn: beautiful views, love that we can use the lawn - however I heard some people say you can small the red tide outside :(  Not food  It's a little stuffy and not in a central location in Newport.  

The Mooring: great private room with outdoor deck, however the view isn't as nice as 41 North or Chanler Inn.  

Re: Rehearsal Dinner/Welcome Reception: 41 North, Chanler Inn or The Mooring?

  • Could you do the rehearsal dinner at the Mooring and then after dinner walk over to 41 North for drinks?  Or would the area at 41 North not be outside?  I think that they have sections outside that you can reserve for private parties.......

    You are correct in that the Mooring will be cheaper.  The vibe at 41 North is more hip and modern but if you are going to be in the main part of the restaurant I don't know how much that will matter.  The view from the Mooring is also nice. 
  • We really want to keep both the dinner and welcome reception in both places.  At 41 North we are thinking about renting the Gallery and some of the oudoor spaces in the Courtyard.  

    The Mooring is definitely cheaper though.  And the food is really good.  
  • LOVE the mooring. have never been disappointed there. gone there for a lot of family functions. 41 is overrated. too pricey. don't know much about chanler although have heard things on this board about noise/music restrictions that you may want to ask about if you haven't already.
  • I have never been to a private function at the Chanler but I've been there to eat a couple of times to eat during restaurant week. The service was terrible, and my rabbit confit was full of tiny bones. I wouldn't recommend that at all.
    Have you considered Atlantic Beach Club? They have a private room and a glorious view of the Atlantic. Or the Safari Room at OceanCliff? It's more out of the way, but also marvelous water views and your guests will get to see all the big expensive mansions/houses on the way out. Also, 22 Bowen's is right downtown on the edge of the pier so you'd have great harbor views from there. It's on the trendy side, too, but still cozy. The food is magnificent!
    The benefit of the Moorings is also that there's parking right there which is hard to find in Newport.
    I agree with PP that 41 North is over priced and over rated, but that's just our opinion!
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  • Thanks girls for the insight!  I think we may go towards either 41 or The Mooring - the location is really great.  In the middle of everything and most of our guests will be OOT so we want to make sure they can walk everywhere.  The only thing is that I have left the sales girl at the Mooring a few messages already and haven't heard back in a few weeks :(  Not a good sign.  

    We did meet with 41 last week and the food was great, you can use their decor (couches, candles, throws, tables, etc.), can use some of their indoor/oudoor spaces, and love the location.  Did either of you have a bad experience there?
  • that is a bummer about the mooring - I would keep on them. many restaurants may have been closed/busy or had funky hours during the holidays. no, no bad experience at 41 north. I just think other places will give you more for the money and may have better service. it's very posh and would give guests a good idea of NPT though.  
  • I actually got a vm from the Mooring today!  So I just followed up and hope to hear back soon.  We want to finalize things over the next few weeks since that seems to be a busy weekend with the Boat Show.  Will let you know how it goes!

  • Depending on the vibe you are going for--The Landing is also a nice option.  They have both inside and outside dining--and it really close to The Mooring
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