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hair and makeup trials

hi ladies--
i am currently thinking about hair and makeup artists, and i am running into a situation i wasn't expecting: i always thought that i would have the hair and akejp trials before i booked these artists just to make sure that i like them. but in talking with some of them, it sounds like people book them first and then have their trials closer to their weddings. my wedding is not until september and i plan to grow my hair, so i don't know that it makes sense to do a trial until the summer. how do most of you go about this? do you book someone and then do your trial later, or do the trial first? if you book without the trial, how do you know it is going to be the look that you want later? thanks for your help with this one!

Re: hair and makeup trials

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    I booked both my makeup artist (Kristin Greene) and hair stylist (Sam C) before doing a trial. I asked Kristin about this, and she said she does do trials before booking if you'd like.

    Ultimately, I wanted to get these vendors booked as I know they be booked far in advance. So, I looked through all of the pictures on Kristin's site and asked brides on here for pictures of their hair if Sam C was their stylist. Most people are happy to share, and for me, looking at the photos gave me a great idea of whether it would all be a good fit.
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    thanks! i am talking with both sam c and lynda williams for hair. do you know if sam c does extensions?
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    I booked Lynda Williams without having a trial.  I had a great conversation with her on the phone and we clicked.  I did have my makeup trial before booking Jennifer Hodge only bc I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about airbrush make up (loved it btw).  I don't think it's uncommon to book and then have a trial.
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    I don't know if Sam C does extensions. She's usually pretty good about getting back to emails quickly so I'm sure she can let you know. If not, I'm willing to bet she can give you a recommendation.
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    I booked my make up artist after my trial because I was much more particular about make up than hair. I've had such harrowing experiences in the past that I wanted to be 100% sure this person was a perfect match for me. However, I booked my hair stylist before a trial based on the numerous recommendations from past knotties. My make up artist is Sara Faella and my hair stylist is Sam C. I have a trial with Sam in March. I expect my hair will be "wedding ready" in terms of length by that time.
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    I booked Sam C for hair after my trial, which was laaaate....but she was new then and not as popular/busy.  I would book her beforehand in a heartbeat, she really works with you to make sure you like your hair, and she'll stay and try different things if you aren't 100% sure how you want your hair, too.  Not sure on the extensions, but she'll be honest. 

    I had a trial with a MUA and hated it, so I was on a last-minute search for one (like literally, weeks before the wedding).  Skinplicity had a cancellation, so I went in for a trial asap and loved everything, so I booked then.  I think for makeup, as long as you like the application style (airbrush, mineral, MAC, etc.) then you would be fine to go with the popular MUAs before a trial.  But if you're trying out a new-to-the-scene MUA, definitely do a trial first!!!!!
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    Hi! I am a former knottie...now a nestie and I am just lurking today (baby is asleep and I reeeallly don't want to clean my house!).

    My mom is a makeup artist and I believe she books clients both ways. Some people prefer to have a trial (there is usually a small fee, i think) and then book her if they want to and others book everything at once. 

    I hope this helps you.

    Here is her website, if you're interested: http://www.debhoughton.com/

    Good luck! I totally miss planning my wedding :)
    Excited for Baby #2!

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