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Rhode Island

alpine country club?

Has anyone had a wedding at alpine or been to one there that can give me their opinions?  What did you think of the weddings there?  I heard that the food is delicious, did you think the same or differently?  Any feedback would be great! Thanks! :)

Re: alpine country club?

  • FI and I looked at alpine, and almost signed with them. Then the coordinator Liane got very pushy and impatient. Needless to say, we went another direction.

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  • I have attended several weddings there and the service/food was delicious.  I wouldn't say it was special but it was definitely above average wedding food. 

    I was the maid of honor at a wedding there and they went above and beyond to make everyone comfortable on the wedding day.  They have an excellent reputation.
  • We went to go look at alpine when we were looking at venus. We didn't like how the place was going to be set-up and how there would be hardly any dance floor so we ended up going to another venue. But i have seen pictures of people who were married there and they look very nice.
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  • Alpine CC offers great food and amazing service.  The room and dance floor is huge.  I've attended a few weddings there and I believe it to be a lovely space if you are looking for a full service country club wedding.
  • Would you consider this an upper scale country club or not?
  • IMHO  - I wouldn't. I mean it's nice and they do a good job, but I wouldn't. it seems like you are having a hard time choosing a venue, which I can totally relate - we looked EVERYWHERE! have you tried the viking hotel in newport? it seems from some of you other posts you may like it. or the chanler i know you like the food- any reason of not having it there? once you get the venue, trust me you feel so much better :)
  • Just curious, why wouldn't you go to alpine? Yes I am VERY confused!! I think the problem is that I have looked at too many places so I really confused myself. Part of my wants a traditional wedding. I also want elegance so that's why I though the country club might be the best route. I didn't choose chanler bc of the music policy and because of the size of the terrace(too small) also it is a bit weather dependent. What's the Viking like inside and how is the food? Thanks a bunch!!
  • FI Hated the room at alpine - so that was out immediately. I have heard they do a nice job - but they aren't an "upscale" club like one in newport or barrington. it's hard when you look at so many places. we weren't even sure of our venue after we picked it, but then we thought about what we really wanted and what would be best and accomodating for guests...so it worked. kirkbrae in lincoln is a nice club, as it RI country club in barrington. chanler is nice, but for all the reasons you named, most ppl don't choose it. i think you need to decide on somethings - do you want indoor/outdoor, tent or no? small or large? viking was nice - i have never eaten there honestly, but have heard mixed reviews about it. i suggested it because i think it has that upscale vibe you are looking for. it is upscale in a historic sense - and is very beatutiful. we loved it. but with our guest list and budget - we couldnt swing it. the coordinator, linda, was very accomodating and willing to work with us - but we would have had to "strip" it down so much, for example, chairs, linens, food choices, to do it there- it wouldnt have been worth it. atlantic beach club has allowed us to not be choosy about our other vendors - because the club itself is such a good deal. GL!
  • I'm glad you mentioned RI country club bc other people have recommended it too. I've never been and don't know much about the food there. I also can't find information about the food anywhere. Have you heard anything about the food and service there? I love the water but Newport like u mentioned, I would have to cut down on everything like u mentioned so it would look very cheap.
  • don't know too much about the RI country club - you may have to be a member or get a sponsor - I would call to make sure before looking into it further. i just know of it - we didn't look there for venues...
  • another place we loved was linden place. but again, couldn't swing it with the budget, but the woman I spoke with was very nice over the phone and it's beautiful place.
  • I actually went there today and it's a no brainer that alpine is much more elegant. the outside alone can't compare. The place seemed so run down and looks like it hasn't been painted since they first opened doors. Thanks for the recommendation though!
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