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3 Flower Girls??

So since we first started planning our wedding about 2 years ago, I've been telling my FI that I would like to incorporate my two younger cousins (ages 5 + 6) into the wedding.  We're not having any bridesmaids or groomsmen.  Just the MOH, BM, FG, and RB.  FI thought it would look dumb to have 2 other flower girls in the wedding.  Well his mother mentioned last week that it was too bad we weren't having any more little girls in the wedding because that way his niece would be sure not to throw a tantrum when it came time to walk down the aisle.  So now, FI thinks it's a good idea.   Figures!!

So I was planning on having his niece walk down with the RB and she would carry a little basket with petals.  And then have my two cousin walk in together holding a flower pomander. 

My question is, it's 3 months now until the big day.  Is it rude of me to ask my aunt if my cousin can be in the wedding?  She already knows that I have asked his niece to be the main flower girl.  (My other cousin who I'm closer to already told me she wouldn't have a problem at all with having her daughter in the wedding)

Sorry for the long post! 

Re: 3 Flower Girls??

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    I have 3 FG.   But, also a fairly large bridal party.

    The 1st girl is my cousin whom I adore.   FI's mom then invited 2 of his cousins' daughters (2 separate sides of the family).    At first I was kind of feeling WTF because it felt that it was getting out of control, but now I am using the motto "whatever keeps the peace."  I see the wedding as a big family day, and if it makes people happy (without going too crazy), why not!

    And I wouldn't worry about the short time - I think parents understand that things can change a lot when it comes to kids.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks cbrown!  I actually called Wishing Well yesterday and they said I could place a rush order and it would be delivered in 5 weeks which i plenty of time.  And it's only a $30 charge (which I'll pay of course).  My aunt was also totally fine with it, so all is good! :)
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    I'm sure her parents won't mind.  I think that having 3 flower girls sounds really cute! Good luck to you and your FH!
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