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Rhode Island

Need a non-religious officiant for Newport wedding

Hi - anyone have any suggestions on a non-religious officiant for a Newport wedding?  Have gotten a few suggestions for Frank Camera or Mike Kelleher, but am wondering if anyone has worked with either of these folks or has any other suggestions?  Thanks all!

Re: Need a non-religious officiant for Newport wedding

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    I just met with Frank the other day he was awesome!  And he gives you a copy of what he usually says during the ceremony and it was very spiritual!
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    Thanks for the info - I spoke with him on the phone last week, and it's difficult to get a sense of someone's personality sometimes over the phone... Any chance you could elaborate as to why you think he's "awesome"?  Would love some first-hand input, as we live in FL and will be making a decision on an officiant w/o meeting them in person.  Thanks!
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    We hired Dana Spencer for our upcoming Newport Wedding for $375. She will write the ceremony specifically for you.
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    Do you have contact info for her?  Email address or website?  Thanks!
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    Actually, I just found her phone number!  Thanks!
  • amygirl78amygirl78 member
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    We are going with Michael Egan "Heavenly Weddings". He is $375 as well.
    We met with 5 Officiants and he was the best one for us. He didn't seem like this was a "business" for him, he's seems happy to just be part of the special day.
    Plus he has a funny side to him and we like that a lot. Its going to make us really comfortable on our wedding day.
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    Thanks!  Someone else recommend him to us as well (Elaine at Atlantic Beach Club, where we're doing our rehearsal dinner).  Will have to look him up!
  • naturallimenaturallime member
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    Try Steve Earle - he takes the time to personalize your wedding, and puts a lot of thought and effort into what he says.  His email is [email protected] (the Maskerchugg is a river that runs through his backyard in East Greenwich....I thought it was a weird name until I asked :) )

    We were really pleased with the ceremony.  Both my husband and I are not religious, so he carefully choose his words.

    Good luck!

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