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I am getting married in South Carolina on May 21st, and the sun will be setting about 8:05 this year, I think.

I want an evening wedding, so I can have an outdoor candlelit reception. Future hubby and I refuse to take any group shots before the wedding, since we want that moment of seeing me for the first time walking down the aisle, so I was wondering what would be a good time to start the wedding?

I was thinking maybe 6:30, finishing up the ceremony around 7, pictures immediately after, then showing up to the reception around 7:30 (we would have to drive). The reception will probably be a buffet-style thing, so people could go ahead and eat as soon as they got there and wouldnt have to wait on us.

Is that too late?
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Re: Timing?

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    I think your timing is fine, but your guests don't need to eat as soon as they arrive at the reception venue.  It's pretty typical to have a cocktail hour before dinner is served.  People enjoy mingling a little bit before they sit down to eat.

    I wouldn't plan on guests starting to eat dinner from the buffett before you arrive if you are only going to be 30 minutes later. 
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    Can you take some pics before hand?  We are doing group shots beforehand, like some family and me with my BM's and Fl with his GM's before and waiting until after to do the one's with us.  That way the BP pics will be short and sweet, same with fam pics and we can focus on pics of us as a couple after and maybe enjoy some cocktail hour!
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    I am also wondering how you can do pics AND travel all within 30 min. I think you might be underestimating your time, so I just wanted to give you a heads up on that. Even if your venue is close, if you are saving ALL your pics for after, it WILL take more than half an hour.

    Could you do individual shots before the ceremony (you and FI separate)? This will cut down on the number needed after the ceremony. I also agree you should do cocktails (and maybe apps even) for guests. I probably wouldn't start dinner until you guys arrived, but if they have drinks and snacks, they should be fine for about an hour until you get there.

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    I agree with a few of the other posters on the length of time it will take to do pictures AND get to your reception venue. 
    When I got married pictures took about an hour (we did it during the cocktail hour), and we didn't take a lot of pictures.  We just took a few (maybe 4 with family and 3 with wedding party) and then hubby and I drove 2 minutes down the road to do pics just him and me).  We felt pretty rushed and there are definitely some pics that I now wish we did, but decided not to do for timing purposes. 
    Talk to your photographer about the pics you want and how long s/he thinks it will take, then add it your "commuting" time.

    Good luck! 
    PS- a candle lit reception sounds beautiful!!

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