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Rhode Island

Parent Gifts

Hi all - did anyone or is anyone doing parent gits...my parents are paying for the wedding so I'd like to get them each something or a joint gift but I don't know what...any ideas/thoughts? thanks! :) happy friday!

Re: Parent Gifts

  • ooh I like the weekend away idea - how would I go about doing that?
  • It is a bit tricky but many of the coupon websites offer promotions that are good for a three month window, you just need to ensure they are good for weekends.  The often times have them throughout the Northeast.  livingsocial . com seems to have the most variety so I would recommend signing up and just keeping your eye open.  groupon and livingsocial also have hotel deals.  Some of the deals are amazing!

    You could also just get them a gift certificate for one of their favorite destinations but you will likely get more bang for your buck through the websites. 
  • Maybe a weekend away?  Or a restaurant gift certificate locally?

    Not sure if they would enjoy Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, NH or Maine would also be nice.  Especially if you pick up a living social deal. 
  • We bought them a two night stay at their/our favorite Inn in VT. I even booked it ahead for them the weekend after the wedding, to give them something to look forward to after all of the commotion! They REALLY appreciated it! :-) My parents paid for the whole wedding as well, so we felt it was the least we could do!
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  • After the wedding, I framed the best picture of them in a silver frame.   We did this for both sets of parents.  I had asked the photographer to get candids at the reception.  We got great shots of them dancing together and laughing together. 
  • after the wedding we gave them individually tailored photo albums. they loved them!
  • At the Rehearsal Dinner, we gave them a framed pic from our engagement photos with an IOU for a wedding album in a few months.
  • My fiance and I had been talking about this for awhile.  My parents are paying for the entire wedding, and we wanted to get them something nice as a thank you.  We finally came up with renting a beach condo for our whole family for a weekend a few weeks before the wedding.  We think memories are the best gift!

    We are not having a wedding party, my mom is my maid of honor and his dad is his best man.  His neice and sister in law are flower girl and reader.  His godson in the ring bearer.  Instead of getting each a gift, we are going to pay for their hotel accomodation the night  before and night of the wedding.  Is this, with a thank you card put in their hotel room, enough? 

    NOW...we are trying to think of a gift for his parents.  They are paying for the costs of the marriage officiant and are giving me a shower.  They are also paying for a breakfast the day of the wedding (we are having an evening wedding).  We are not having a rehersal dinner.  Do you think we need to get them a gift in addition to paying for their hotel room?  If so, any ideas????

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