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Rhode Island

Del's Cart

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how much it would cost to have a Del's cart at our wedding for the cocktail hour?  My fiance called one location and they said $300 for the hour, but I recall someone on here saying it was $1/guest plus tips (we have about 80 guests).  They also said they could drop off a cooler with our bartender for mixed drinks instead, which may be a more reasonable option for this bride-on-a-budget.


Re: Del's Cart

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    I'm not sure about dels. But I know fora  fact last year New England lemonade was $1 a guest plus tips. Try calling them :)
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    For my companies summer outing we had a Del's truck come and they charged us $150 for 50 medium cups of Dels.

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    Thanks ladies!  My fiance got the impression the guy on the phone was just making up a number off the top of his head.  We'll be in Narragansett this Friday to pick up our tent permit and marriage license (yay!), so we'll stop into the store and speak with him in person.  If we can't get a better deal I call New England Lemonade.  This is one of the few must-haves for our wedding :)
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