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Rhode Island

Looking for good local venues and catering for cheap! HELP!

Hello fellow knotties,

My fiance and I have just started planning and we currently are thinking of a max budget of 3000 for our wedding. It is going to be small tops 75 people. for venues I've already found the meeting house and slater mill. Both of which we are interested in as they charge a small rental fee and include tables and chairs. I'm looking for something similar to that as far as venues go. something cheap but cool or rustic and unique nothing cookie cutter. haha sorry if that's asking too much.
As far as food goes I've been looking at a ton of different caterers and its just got me in a tizzy. I'm looking for good food that will cost under 2,000. It needs to include things like place settings and linens if possible. I don't really know where to look for that. I was hoping to have it priced at or under 20 per person. I was hoping for something that included Hors d'œuvre  and a meal (i havn't decided on lunch or dinner yet) I was thinking maybe a cash bar to be included which I know probably comes with fees. I'm really not even sure if i can get this for the price I'm thinking of. Maybe I'm asking too much again but I just think it's ridiculous amount of money for food that will probably be mediocre at best. (I'm kind of a food snob sorry lol) I just want to eat an enjoyable meal on my wedding day without paying an arm and a leg. please help!

Thank you!

Re: Looking for good local venues and catering for cheap! HELP!

  • I think you should try restaurants with private rooms for 75 people. They generally waive room fees for the venue and you can still serve your guest restaurant quality food. As a self proclaim food snob, I don't think that is something you want to compromise even if you want a "cheap" wedding, you don't want it to look, feel or taste cheap. A day time wedding would be cost effective like Sunday brunch or an evening wedding on a Thursday, Friday, Sunday or holiday Monday night would save you a lot of money too. While Slater Mill and and The Meeting House are lovely venues, there are additional fees that need to be calculated including the logistics with hiring an outside caterer which can incur other fees (for linens, plates, cake cutting, champagne toast, set up and break down). 
  • I agree, you should look at Restaurants. I looked into the meeting house in Tiverton and the rental fee would eat up most of your budget and there are extra fees. Have you used the Budget Tool on the knot? That may help with what you can afford for each component of your wedding.
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    I have used the budget tool but I didn't like it. It wasn't very helpful to me personally. The resturant idea is a good one but I don't know of any places like that. I am looking for something non cookie cutter and unique. We recently attended my fiance's sisters wedding and she had at a country club. Both he and I disliked the experience. I'm afraid of a resturant being too similar to that. Can you reccomend any places that would fit what I'm looking for? And btw we don't plan on hiring a dj or havign flowers or any of that kind of stuff. I plan on making our decor myself as well as baking the cake, which I plan to be a cupcake tower so no cake cutting fee.
    Thank you so much for your suggestions! Its helped a lot!
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    By extra fees I mean Tiverton house has a hostess fee by hour and I even though they have some furniture I think you will still have to rent. With a lot of locations you will have to use vendors that the venue approves. I'm do not know if you will find a caterer for $20pp. and caterers may charge a cake cutting fee.
    Have you looked at Waterman Grille in Providence. Would you consider doing Brunch?
    Redlefsons and Dewolf Tavern in Bristol . Dewolf tavern will have fees but less than renting a venue so you maybe able to up your pp price. look at preserveri.org  for historic sights in RI.
    Keep us updated if you are able to pull this off.
    Good Luck!

  • If you find a venue that is inexpensive, you may want to look into Emery's Catering.  They have a lot of affordable options and will work with you on a budget...

  • I think you could definitely do lunch at the UClub and stay within your pp meal price. As RoyalOrient said, keep Colt State Park in mind for an outdoor ceremony. There is an outdoor Chapel there. It has benches so you do not have to worry about getting chairs. Don't hold me to it, but, I think the rental fee is something like $15 per hour
  • Yes Colt State Park is only $15 for 3 hours actually so it is really affordable. They actually have a covered pavilion as well that is $100 for the entire day to rent if you want to hire an outside caterer and have them go use that it would cut costs. The only negative with that is it is all picnic tables and you cannot serve alcohol there. So it really just depends on how close you need to stick to your budget, but it is a good alternative. DeWolf Tavern is affordable, but not as low as you are trying to get there meals start at around 18 and go to around 30. Then if you want salads that is $6 pp. Horsd'oerves  are extra and it just depends on what you want. The room rental fluctuates depending on time of year and date. It  is a really nice venue and the food is really good. Good luck!
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