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Venue suggestions - South County

Hello ladies!  It's been a while since I've posted here - but I'm sure the advice is just as amazing as ever.

My brother is getting married in a couple of years, and they're the planning types.  They're looking for a less-expensive venue for around 75 guests, and were hoping to have the ceremony on a beach, with the reception nearby.  They are on a tight budget.  I suggested that they look @ the Towers and Eastons Beach, but I ran out of suggestions.  They do not want a country club.

Any suggestions for venues to look at?  They live in Westerly.

Oh, if you're looking, HI TANA!!!!!

Re: Venue suggestions - South County

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    A few options that come to mind are:

    Chester House (Westerly) 
    Meadow Brook Inn (Charlestown)
    Venice Restaurant (Westerly)

    All would allow them to have a ceremony at the beach and then a short drive to a venue for the reception. 
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    Ugh, I just typed a huge thing and it disappeared! Erin, did you get married at Whispering Pines?! I thought I recognized your screen name!

    Anyway, we looked at a number of South County sites, the Towers among them. (We also looked at the Rotunda at Easton's, where you can marry on the beach.)

    You can marry on the beach in Narragansett by renting the North Beach Clubhouse for the reception. Limited to 100. Info packet is here: http://www.narragansettri.com/parks/Information_Packet.pdf

    The Village Inn is nearby, too, but it's not a bring-your-own-caterer place.

    In Narragansett, there's also Kinney Bungalow, which isn't on the beach but there's a ceremony site there. Gorgeous wood interior. It was our runner-up venue.

    I got something from the Galilee Beach Club at a wedding show: http://www.galileebeachclub.com/weddings.php

    There's also The Andrea on Misquamicut beach. I wish I'd known about it when I was looking/booking. There's a small room rental fee (up to $750 depending on number of rooms needed) and a minimum of $40 pp for weddings. And this awesome awning-covered deck:

    Our venue is not on the beach but there are several outdoor ceremony sites and it's perfect for 75 (our number, too). It's The Meeting House in Tiverton. Just figured I'd throw that in there, too! :)
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    Spain in Narragansett

    my sister was married there with 100 guests and it was beautiful!
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    The North Beach Clubhouse - affordable and can't get closer to the beach!  Though there is a proposal to update all the facilities at Narragansett beach, so it could be closed at some point in the future during construction (I think they need to pass a bond or something)

    Kinney Bungalow and the Towers are a little more $ I think, especially since you have to rent everything, but worth checking into

    Coast Gaurd house

    Maybe some place like Yawgoo Bakes?

    The Villiage Inn in the off-season?

    Are they dead-set against country clubs?  I've heard Richmond Country Club is great for smaller weddings, and there is another place Weekapaug Golf Club. 

    They could also look over the CT border in Stonington. 

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    Ocean House in Watch Hill?  I'm thinking they may be big bucks.  Maybe the rates for Friday night or Sunday day are a little less?
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    I'm getting married this august at the north beach clubhouse and can send you photos if you give me your email address.  It's the right size (100 person max), right on the beach and not a country club.  Plus it's pretty cheap.  I'm happy about it!
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    Kinney Bunglaow is one of my fav spots for a smaller wedding. Cute farm pics and the ocean is a short drive for other pics.
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    I'll throw in my support for the Village Inn (yet again...sorry to everyone else if it sounds like I'm beating a dead horse).

    We're aiming for about 100 guests, and it's affordable, especially in the offseason or on Fridays/Sundays. You do have to use Amalfi Catering at the venue, but we also priced them out for use at other venues (like the Towers and North Beach Clubhouse) and they were one of the least expensive options for April weddings.

    As I've said before, Alyson (the event coordinator/sales rep) is worth it on her own. She's a ton of fun to work with and was really a selling point for me.

    Their website has the prices for their packages - just be aware of the 20% admin fee. The packages are also pretty flexible, especially off season.
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    I agree Jdolce.  Alyson is great to work with.  She's been really wonderful about working with our budget.  
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    You ladies ROCK. I knew I'd get some wonderful responses here!

    Yes, I did get married at Whispering Pines - it was AWESOME and I totally recommend it if you have the budget for it.  I'm more than willing to share pics!!
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    We looked at WP (you probably don't remember me but you were kind enough to share pricing) but it wasn't going to work for our budget because we didn't have the OOT base to use the rooms. But it was beautiful and I recommend it to people all the time! I remember a gorgeous pic of you two on that little dock/pier thing. So thanks for passing that info along way back when! :-)
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    Just wanted to chime in and say hi :)  I'm rarely on here anymore but saw your name and had to say hey - that little boy of yours is to die for adorable!!
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    I live in Westerly. Venice is definitely very nice for weddings of all sizes, and about a 5 minute drive from the beach. The Ocean House is gorgeous and right ON the beach, but expensive. 
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