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Rhode Island

Budget Venue near Water RI/MA allows dancing with IPod/ Food doesn't have to be fancy

Hi brides-to-be!

I'm looking for some tips, and have gotten quite a few good ones already, for a good locale for a wedding on or near the water for a ceremony and reception, for approximately 50 people.  Our budget is very tight ($5000).  We don't care a lot about a sit-down dinner, but would rather just have an acceptable amount of easy-to-eat food.  What we really want is a party, so a place to dance.  Guests will have to pay for their own drinks.  Of course, we would take food and dance if possible too!  Any tips at all very much appreciated, thanks!

Hopefully this all is possible;)

Re: Budget Venue near Water RI/MA allows dancing with IPod/ Food doesn't have to be fancy

  • No venues are coming to mind but with your guest list you would be able to consider restaurants which will be more cost effective.  I'm sure the other ladies will chime in but if you have favorite restaurants on the water I would start contacting them to see.  Spain in Narragansett does weddings and the space is beautiful I'm just not sure of pricing.  GL!

  • i would also suggest spain or waterman grille in prov or bay voyage in jamestown. either would do a great job with 50 ppl.
  • Try Quidenesst on an off day. They are somewhat on the water and if you are ok with a Friday night or Sunday wedding you can definetly save money that way. They also offer lower spending minimums on the holiday day itself or say the night before 4th of July even if the next day happens to be say a Tuesday you know everyone will have it off so they can enjoy the wedding! I also looked at Easton's Beach Rotunda right on 1st beach near ABC. The room itself is simply hardwood floors with a white backdrop and amazing ocean views. If you can get creative you can definitely do alot there! The rental fee was not to bad and as far as the food you have to go the catering route or DIY. Happy Planning!
  • Hey there, 

    I may have just the place for you - check out the North Beach Clubhouse in Narragansett. It's right on the water and you can mostly do whatever you want. Catering, music, drinks. There are permits but they aren't to bad. It's plain inside, but it's litterally on the beach. In order to have dance space and dining space I would say your guest list is perfect. I am at 100 people, otherwise I would be there. Did I mention it's dirt cheap for RI. It's owned by the town so I'm not sure how responsive everyone is but the rental information is all on the website. I hope this helps you!!!!! 

  • Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!  In the end, I'm going with Wharf Tavern in Warren I believe, on my father's suggestion.  It is very pretty and affordable for my size wedding.

    Thanks again!
  • I am going with the North Beach Clubhouse for my Fall '12 wedding. With the outside tent (included) we will have plenty of room for 100 guests. This is the perfect venue for our low-key, relaxed, autumn beach party wedding. :)
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