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Rhode Island

DJ for a dancing bride with 'indie' sensibilities.

I have read reviews for DJs on this Board and another sites... and while they are extremely helpful, I just don't know if they are as helpful for me.

It seems as though most brides (and grooms) measure a DJ's success by the %-age of guests on the dance floor.  And that's understandable, because when you pay for a DJ instead of making a mixtape, you kind of hope people take advantage of it and enjoy it.

Well, I do want to dance.  Enough to warrant a DJ.  But looking over our guest look...we have a lot of Non-dancers.   My side of the WP and my mom's friends, and maybe some strange, will want to dance.  The rest of the guest list is composed of "No ways" and reticent maybe dancers.  It's important to us not to have a dance party per se (the 'flow' and playlist will have to be well planned, but really flexible, me thinks).

Anyway...we do want some dance music....so totally 90s alternative rock college radio station vibe with some 2000's indie music will only carry us so far. 

Does anybody have an indie* friendly DJ recommendation?  One that would enjoy some variation and a few small challenges (mixing some songs) without feeling put out or charging a lot extra?  And one that would seek out 'must plays' that are likely not on the average wedding DJs playlist?

* I wouldn't call myself 'indie' but I feel like it's the best label.  We just know what just want to play a little something for everyone...ourselves included...and don't want to dance from dinner until clean up

Re: DJ for a dancing bride with 'indie' sensibilities.

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    Hi, I am pretty much in the same boat.  My fiance and I have put this one last vendor off for a while now, but we have to get booking!

    We've decided that we'll do 'indie' and 'twee' during the dinner and cocktail hour.  For dancing we're changing to funk/soul and fun 80's.

    We're also putting together a really extensive 'do not play' list. Including everything from the typical chicken dance, electric slide to the entire genre of country.

    When I find a DJ who seems like they'll be able to take on the challenge, I'll pass the info along :)
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    I highly recommend DJ Jason Mello.  He's DJ'd a few parties I have been to and I knew I wanted him to DJ my wedding.  He's doing my wedding shower as well. He is very easy to work with and wants to make sure your day is exactly how you want it. He's always up for a challenge and he will work with you and make sure your wedding goes exactly how you want and his prices are very good and much more reasonable then a lot of DJ's out there.  
    Check out his website http://jasonmellodj.com/
    I know you won't be disappointed if you choose him!  Good luck!  :)
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    call jason @ musicmachineRIDJ.com

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    Beat Train Productions has a lot of good reviews saying that they do the indie music. Good luck!

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