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Rhode Island

Name Change - Opinions, Please!

Hi ladies!
So I'm finally getting around to changing my name after our October wedding. I can't believe how the time has flown! I purchased this online service to help me fill out the forms, which has been a little helpful. But I'm stuck on how to sign my name. Here's my situation:
I'm an only child, so the last name Berrett dies with me essentially. Therefore, I don't want to drop that. My middle name is Wynne, a family hereditary name passed down from the 16th century. Dr. Thomas Wynne was William Penn's personal physician and helped settle PA. (Pretty cool, eh?!). So clearly I don't want to drop that, either. So I'm stuck with 4 names b/c I believe in taking on my husband's name. Here's what I'm thinking my full legal name would then be: Debra Wynne Berrett Legassie.
My struggle is how do I sign things? All 4 is much too long. Debra W B Legassie? Debra W Legassie? HELP!! Too many options! Any thoughts/suggestions/experiences?
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Re: Name Change - Opinions, Please!

  • Usually when I'm signing my name for anything (credit card receipt, check, etc), I just put my first and middle initial and then sign my last name (C M Corriveau).  I have a long first name and long last name.  It gets annoying trying to write it all and never fits in the small lines they give you!  Not sure if that helps, but it's what I do.  GL and congrats!!!!
  • Oh! I am going to be in this same situation.
    After my wedding my new last name will be Hyde.
    I don';t want to lost my maiden name, i have become so fond of it (i know some people dont mind losing their maiden name)...and also, it isn't a very common or popular name at all.

    My new name would also be 4 names. Since I mentioned dropping my middle name of ANn to my mom and she started crying, its her first name.

    I am thinking of singing things "Jennifer C Hyde" and forgetting about eh Ann. I am just keeping it to make my mom happy and unless its needed for super legal reasons- then I would probably sign my entire name.
    I think I am going to have my name on my credit cards appear "Jennifer Ann C. Hyde"

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