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Weather forecast= rain! Need a back up plan!

My wedding is next Sunday @ the towers, and we are supposed to have scattered showers all day!  I'm freaking out- I had planned on doing pictures outside and don't have a back-up plan.  Does anyone have any ideas of INDOOR places in Narragansett to take pictures?
Also- any towers brides have a wedding that was rained on?  My cocktail hour is supposed to be outside with a live band, and I have no idea what to do if it rains...

Re: Weather forecast= rain! Need a back up plan!

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    Well I can ask my friends what their friend did Friday. They wnt to their friends wedding at the towers... And if you remember Friday it poured all day. Since it's scattered showers you'll probably be fine to get in some photos outside. A day like Friday in the summer where it pours is rare...and most of the time you'll catch a break in the rain. Also there is that back staircase in the towers which makes for cute formals for you and fiancé. There is also that bridal room you can get some photos in Where are you staying? If it's a hotel you can probably get some group shots in a large lobby, so there's space. I have to say last year I went to two weddings that had scattered showers.they both managed to get in photos when the rain slowed or stopped. Both had amazing photos. One had a deep grey sky that looked beautiful. The other had gorgeous beach photos with a rainbow in the back. perhaps invest in a cute umbrella too for photo op? There are some pics here of the back stairwell and bridal room w the couple. http://www.caitlinmaloneyphotographyblog.com/
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