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PSA sole mates

Just wanted to let all the outdoor brides out there know about Sole Mates.  They are clear, plastic pieces that snap on to your heels to prevent you from sinking into the grass.  They also say they work on cobblestoneand sidewalks.  I found mine at the register of David's Bridal only $9.95.  Three of my bridesmaids ended up buying them too as our wedding was at a country club.  The wedding was awesome, vendor reviews to come!!!

Re: PSA sole mates

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    I used sole mates, too (4.5" stillettos and a putting green do not mix well) and they worked way better than I would have imagined.  They stayed on all night, too, through the dancing and everything, since I forgot to take them off.  So glad I wasn't forced to aerate the lawn by slowly sinking in every step of my processional!
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