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April 2012 Weddings


Hello April 2012 Brides...since you are passed the planning process and are now married...I have a question....
How many programs did you have for your ceremony (if any)...I am having 200 guests and am wondering how many programs to have?

Re: Programs

  • I had about 120 guests (expected 150) and I made 130 programs. I easily had half of them left over.
  • I had expected 100 guests (give or take), and had about 85 show up.  I had 100 programs made up and had about 30 leftover. 

    PS.  I used Vistaprint to make my programs and they were great and inexpensive (especially with a groupon), so I wasn't too heartbroken about the leftovers.  :)

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  • I made 120 programs for my 120 guests and there were lots left over (not sure how many, but at least 20).

    I made them myself using this reasonably affordable but nice feeling paper:

    Good luck!

  • I had one per person.


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  • I expected about 130 guests and we made about 100 programs and we still ended up with leftovers.
  • We made enough per couple. We were expecting 60 people, made 30 and have just a couple left.
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    We were expecting 200 guests as well and made about 150 programs, but still had about 30 leftovers. I would do half of what you are expecting or maybe half + 20. Most couples can share one, and just have 20 or so for single people or those that might prefer there own. I know it was the week before the wedding and we spent hours printing these and tying bows and it sucked to have to throw 30+ away. I did keep a few for momentos though.

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