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Hi, I had a bizarre experience with a photographer who seemed angry I didn't book right away (its the first one I met with).  I was wondering if folks usually book on the spot or research several?  I'm looking to find someone reasonable that I also feel comfortable with on such an important day :)

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    I didn't have that experience with any vendors let alone the photographer. I think it is pretty normal to meet with multiple vendors and to not book on the spot. The only person I booked during the initial meeting was my officiant. I would definitely check out other photographers if I were you!
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    I would take that as a huge red flag, run!  Definately check out other photographers, any good vendor will realize a bride will shop around and then make a decision.
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    I had an experience where a florist assumed I was going to book him and asked for a deposit right away. I was a little turned off by it. But he didn't get angry or anything. I have not booked any vendors on the spot either. If you need photog recs for a certain budget, let us know! Most knotties here can attest to reputable photogs. 
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    we definitely interviewed 10 or so photogs, and none of them thought we were booking on the spot. i'd also be turned off by that. take your time and never feel pressured.

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    I agree....that is a huge red flag.  There is no need to be pressured into anything.  If you need a recomendation....We used Melissa DeSchamp.  She is very affordable, and does beautiful work.   She was my favorite vendor of the day!
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    We had a similar experience with a photographer...not so much that he was angry that we didn't book right away, but he was absolutely dragging out the meeting for as long as possible to get some sort of sign in terms of which way we were going to go.

    I would definitely recommend meeting with a few photographers. My feeling is that they will be the people we would be around more than almost everyone else, so it is important to want spend that time with them.

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    Well.. if you say at the meeting that you'll be booking them, and then never book them, it could lead them on and they could lose other business. But if they were just upset you didn't sign a contract, then that is bizarre. Maybe you read into their reaction differently then how they were trying to come across?
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    Thanks so much for all the feedback - i just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something (I'm new at all of this).  To address the last comment, I never said I was going to book - we just had an introductory meeting...anyway I appreciate all of the responses :-)
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