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Rhode Island

Wedding Reviews

I am going to do these based on A-F scoring:

The Flower Girls: A-
My flowers were beautiful. I wish my bouquet was a little larger, but I think that was more my fault for not giving her size preferences. I also gave her a picture of my bouquet that included lilacs, but instead of lilacs she put a different flower. I still loved my bouquet, but I was disappointed that I didn't have the lilacs since they are my favorite flower and I really wanted them.
My centerpieces were the look I was going for, but they were not the same as my trial centerpiece. In my trial, I had lilies on top and a mix of different purple flowers on the bottom. My centerpieces on the wedding day had the lilies both on the top and the bottom. I liked my trial ones better, but the ones for my wedding also looked great so I guess I can't really complain.
She also met me at the church and actually fluffed my train before I walked down the aisle. I don't know of any florist that does that. She was one of my favorite vendors.

Kirkbrae: A+
I loved Kirkbrae from the moment we walked in there. I loved the patio outside, and how the cocktail hour was in a different room. There were only a couple of things that irked me that I don't think anyone else noticed. One, my seating cards were votives with tealights. They were told to light all of them, and when we got there they were not lit and they had to run around trying to light the remaining ones. Also, I think the tables could've been a little more on the dance floor, they were pushed a little too far back.
The food was delicious. We added an extra pasta course, and there was so much food. Everyone keeps talking about how good the food was and how much food there was. No one went home hungry that's for sure. I actually saw some people taking their leftovers home.
The waitstaff there is terrific. Angelina is on a "I will only eat pancakes" kick, and they made some special just for her.
I would recommend this venue to anyone. They went above and beyond to make sure our day was perfect.

David Bibeault: A-
David put everyone at ease and he was done with our pictures in a flash so we could join our cocktail hour. We ended up having 3 photographers, Jamie, David and his nephew that is learning the business. I can't really write much more because I haven't seen pictures but I am sure they will be terrific. If I had to go back and pick another photographer, I would still pick him. We were all laughing and having fun while taking pictures.

Sam C: A++++
Sam is awesome. Her prices are reasonable and she does an excellent job. She should really charge more based on her talent. She did 6 heads of hair and was done in more than enough time. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She is such a sweetheart.

Kristin Greene: A+++
What can I say about her that hasn't already been said? She is so nice, such a sweetheart. She had great communication throughout the whole engagement process and even made a change to my makeup last minute when I decided I didn't like the color of the eyeshadow she originally used. My MOH also decided to get her makeup done last minute and Kristin was able to do her makeup and make her look fabulous in more than enough time.

Celebrity Limo: C-
The only nice thing I can say is that they were on time and the driver was nice. Other than that, he wasn't a very good driver, took the turns a little to wide and constantly had to back up and straighten the limo so he wouldn't hit the people on the other side of the street. Maybe he was just having a bad day??? Anyway, the price was right and we only used them to drive to the church and then Kirkbrae so we were lucky in that sense.

Dyane's Sweet Tooth: A-
From the couple of bites I had of the cake, it was delicious. The color flowers on the cake were a little darker lavendar than I had wanted, but again, I think it is only something I noticed. The cake was beautiful and great tasting anyway.

Papermoon Invitations: B
Our invitation proofs were suppose to take 3 days but instead took 3 weeks. The communication wasn't so great, until I threatened to cancel the order, and then the next day I ended up getting an email of the proof. Because of this delay, I got the invites 4 days before I was suppose to mail them out. I still had to assemble them and everything so it made things a little stressful on my part. The lady who owns the stores is very nice and knows her stuff but she also seems a little high strung.
I wish she had followed through a little more with things, and made me a little less stressed. When we finally did get the invites they were exactly how they were promised

All 4 You DJ: A+
Anne and Glenn are both so nice and great at what they do. We had a little bit of a tough crowd (a lot of older people) but they made it work. Everyone had a great time and I have no complaints. Another one of my favorite vendors. They also did the uplighting for us and it turned out awesome.

Nicole Resendes (videographer): A (based on timelyness and personality)
Nicole was at the church before I got there, she was very nice. She stayed right till the end and seemed to get everything that was going on. I didn't really talk to her much or interact with her much before the wedding. We got a great price for the videographer and I am very happy we got one. I obviously haven't gotten the video yet so I can write a better review once I do.

Re: Wedding Reviews

  • edited December 2011
    Sounds like you had a great day! Glad to hear more good reviews for All 4 You!

    Thanks for doing reviews; I don't see them as much as I used to here (maybe that's because "wedding season" is still getting under way) and they were so helpful when I was choosing vendors.
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    Thanks for sharing all your reviews! Sounds like you had an amazing day!
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