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Rhode Island

Blocking Hotel Rooms in Newport!!

Hi!  My FI and I are getting married in Newport in July, 2014.  A lot of our friends and family will be coming from OOT so they'll need somewhere to stay.  Has anyone had any experience blocking hotel rooms in Newport? 

Re: Blocking Hotel Rooms in Newport!!

  • I used Newport Beach Hotel and Suites. July is going to be expensive and require a two night minimum at most places. You might want to look into Middletown depending on how much your quests can afford.
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    [QUOTE]Hi!  My FI and I are getting married in Newport in July, 2014.  A lot of our friends and family will be coming from OOT so they'll need somewhere to stay.  Has anyone had any experience blocking hotel rooms in Newport? 
    Posted by bopple321[/QUOTE]

    We blocked our rooms in August for our July 2013 wedding in Newport. Most hotels won't allow you to block until 11 months before.

    We blocked rooms at The Hyatt, Pelham Court and Marriott in downtown Newport, Newport Beach Hotels & Suites, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Howard Johnson's, and Marriott Courtyard, all in Middletown. Obviously, Middletown rates are less expensive than Newport. Because the wedding is on a Sunday, we don't have the 2 night minimum issue. If guests just come on Sunday for the wedding, they only have to stay one night. If they arrive on Saturday, then they will be staying 2 nights anyway. Our rates range from $122 on a Sunday to $309 on a Saturday.

     We wanted to provide a variety of price points for guests to select from. We did not have to commit to a food event at any of the above, but normally Hyatt does require a $1500 minimum food event to block rooms. They only had a block open for that Sunday, so it worked out for us. The Viking also requires you to pay for any rooms that you block that are not booked. Didn't want to commit to that since the rooms are pricey there anyway during the summer.

    You have awhile before you can block anything, but look at TripAdvisor and Hotels.com to get more information on some of the options open to you
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  • I'm getting married this July in Newport and half my guests are from out of town.  We booked rooms at a few hotels in the Middletown area but ran into the 2 night minimum.  It's caused a lot of stress for me (not many family members can afford two nights) but its beyond my control.  We've given people lots of price options as well as sending a small note along with our save the date to inform people of the rooms we've blocked (so they won't be surprised when they look for a room in April or May).
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  • This is good information. I am getting married in July 2014 and I am having no luck so far. Where are all of the places people booked? I am from PA so most of my guests will be out of towners. wedding is 7/18/14
  • We are providing our guests with one hotel option in Middletown. It's a clean, respectable three star hotel that provides a shuttle to downtown Newport and is close to our reception venue. I locked in a fantastic rate, therefore we do not feel the need to offer room blocks at multiple hotels. If our guests don't like the hotel we've blocked, they are welcome to find something else on their own (and probably pay double).

    Almost all Newport and Middletown hotels will  require a two night stay. It's the nature of the beast in a resort town. I would suggest working with the Atlantic Beach Hospitality Group - http://www.atlanticbeachhospitality.com/. They own several hotels and restaurants on the island, and one $50 fee allows you to book an unlimited number of hotel blocks at all their properties. Their sales coordinator Barbara Parkos has been very helpful.

    If you'd like information about specific hotels, please feel free to PM. My fiance and I grew up in the Newport area so we know the island well. Happy planning!

  • Newport Beach Hotel and Suites and you can get the roof top fire pit hot tub but July is super expensive.
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    My wedding is 7/18/14 also! Did you have any luck getting blocks? I have had some luck with the Marriott in Middletown and Downtown - they let me do a one night min and were semi decent rates.  I've found with a Friday wedding if you are blocking far enough in advance they are more flexible with the 2 night min but the costs downtown are still pretty high....

  • my wedding was a friday. so it was nice because we didn't really run into a 2 night minimum and thursday was considered the "weekday" rate so therefore, less expensive. we booked at the courtyard marriott newport (really middletown), residence inn marriott, and the 2 hotels across from the atlantic beach club, comfort inn and i believe now it's called atlantic beach hotel and suites(when we started it was quality inn hotel and suites). reception was at ABC. anyways, i liked all of these hotels, the ones across from ABC were great for walking distance but people also really liked the residence inn. in september, i don't believe the rooms were over $200 per night in the block. the newport marriott and hyatt were much more expensive - about $400 i think. The newport beach hotel and suites - sort of on a diagonal from the ABC - is overated. we paid $400 to stay there for wedding night and it was nothing special. we could have stayed at home and it would have been better! although, we did have our post wedding brunch there and that was great. good food and we got the room for as long as we wanted. good luck!
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