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April 2012 Weddings

When to book?

Hey everyone! I was wondering when you all think it's time to book things such as the florist, the cake, the wedding planner (if you're having one..we plan on it), etc. How early is too early, especially on the wedding planner? Thanks!
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Re: When to book?

  • I think a lot of it depends on your area and you might get a better feel for things on your local board.  If you are using a planner, they might have an edge just because it's their job; it's what they do. I would shop around for someone who will work with you and you want to work with them.
  • I've already booked my venue and was told that many people book 1.5 - 2 years in advance. No one is going to say "no, we can't book you, it's too early," so whatever you KNOW you are going to want/need in almost 2 years, I say book!  For example, we booked the venue (for 2010 prices) and plan on booking a DJ, photographer, and videographer in November. I figure my vision of that stuff isn't going to change (unless we win the lotto and get a band instead of DJ). However, stuff like the florist, cake, dresses, etc, I want to wait on because I'm scared I might change my mind or the trends will change, and I'll be stuck with what I picked or lose out on the deposits.

    Just my thoughts!
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  • I have also already booked my venue and the advantage was that I was able to use 2010 prices.  I'm very happy with my choice, I loooove the place.  As far as everything else, I think I will start looking at photographers and florists early next year and hopefully book it by april/may.
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  • I haven't started booking anything yet, but I think that once you find a location or vendor you LOVE, don't wait to book them! Check for their cancellation policy though. It's so far in advance that I doubt you would be charged a fee, but you want to make sure you can easily cancel if you find something else you love more.

    For me, I'm having a DW in Costa Rica, so I'm looking for the best, and most convenient, wedding planner before I book anything else.
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    Thank you all for your advice! This helps a lot :).
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  • Actually, ive heard of some places not letting you book more than a year in advance. One of my good friends was told that and waited to book it and was then told that her date was not available! So just be very careful.
  • I'm going to try to book 18 months in advance.
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  • I have also already booked my venue, and actually my DJ. I got such a good deal from booking early, that it was hard not to book it. Right now, I am thinking in the next few months I want to get my deposits down for the florist,cake,and photographer. That is one of the reasons we are waiting til April 12 because we needed time to spread the deposits and payments out. We got engaged in January of this year, and I can't believe it has been 9 months already. I couldn't imagine if I would have made the date April 2011! I would be a little overwhelmed, and am really glad we are waiting til 2012.
  • I would go ahead and book the venue, and from there you can find out what general kind of flowers, dress and other vendors you will need (e.g. do you need to find a caterer or is it in-house etc)
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  • I already have the church booked, and my reception venue told me that if I'm going for April 2012, that I don't need to rush. He told me November-February would be perfect and not to worry about booking being an issue around that time. A lot of venues are going to tell you "book now!" [obviously because they want your money;], but feel free to wait a little longer. I'm booking around 16 months in advance, but that's because I'm petrified they won't have it on my date although my time isn't the norm. OH!!! Speaking of time, remember that Saturday afternoon's [reception time being 12-5 like mine will be] is actually cheaper than Thursday &+ Friday nights, AND - it makes it easier for families with kids, and your wedding party if you're having younger kids as your flower girl/ring barer. =].
  • I booked my reception last week for 2010 prices! so excited about it :)
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  • I booked my venue as well!  About two weeks ago.  I was able to lock in the 2010 prices as well.  Love that part! 

    I'm also about to book my photographer.  She has already decided on an increased rate for 2011 so I get that rate, not the 2010 rate. :(  She's still a great deal though and if she increases the prices again in a year at least I'll have the 2011 price locked in. 
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  • I have already booked my venue and DJ.  Waiting until it gets a little closer to the wedding before I book for a cake. 
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