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Rhode Island

belle mer

So, I crossed belle mer off my list becuase I thought it was completely out of my budget.

My neighbor was engaged the same day as I was---
and they told me that Belle Mer had a 30,000 $ food and beverage minimum

Is this true -- the more I read on this board people seem to be stuck between Ocean  Cliff and Belle Mer--and I know OCeancliff is in my price range!

If anyone knows if the minimum of 30,000 is false-let me know!

Re: belle mer

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    Belle Mer allows you to put other things towards the minimum, like vendors or linens. So yes, the minimum you spend might be 30k, but that can include other costs in addition to food, beverage, and site fees.
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  • ayleeaylee member
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    As tc1016 said, it's not a food and beverage minimum, it's an event minimum.  Other things like site fees, rentals, etc can go towards that minimum.  The minimums differ on the venue, date, and time of day.  I got married 5/22/10 (day wedding) and my event minimum was $20,500.  So I suggest calling them.

    I looked into Oceancliff and Regatta as well.  At the time, their food & beverage minimum that was given to me was $12,500, the rental was $6,500, and ceremony fee was $1,500.  My food and beverage at Belle Mer came up to $10,715 (56 guests) so I wouldn't have met the f&b minimum for Oceancliff/Regatta.  My site fees at Belle Mer were $5,500+$1,500(ceremony fee).

    So everything depends on a lot of factors (e.g. date, time, # of guests, etc).  I suggest just calling and visiting both venues and get a quote.
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    Ditto PP. 

    I'm getting married at Belle Mer on a Saturday night in July and have a $37K EM with a 8K site fee and $1500 ceremony fee. I'm also in Island House so my EM is lower then if we were having it in the Water Salon. 

    If you haven't already done so, figure out how many people you'll be inviting and when you're thinking of getting married. Getting married on a Friday off season will save you quite a bit of money. The main thing to help keep the budget in line is to keep the guest list under control. 

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    Keep in mind to if you book Saturday day wedding or a Sunday or even same -year booking the event minimums are reduced.  I contacted them in January/Fed about a September wedding and the event and she gave me a reduced minimum.  I can't remember what it was and I booked another venue before speaking with the lady again.

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  • umasskdomeumasskdome member
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    As other people have said, the event minimum, which can include more than food and beverage if you like, varies depending on the day and time of year.  For example, I am having my wedding in the Island House on a Sunday afternoon of a holiday weekend in October.  My event minimum is $12K.  
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    My event minimum is $30K.  We are getting married in the Island House this Sunday night.  It is obviously a Sunday of a holiday weekend so the minimum may be a little higher than normal Sunday nights, I'm not sure.

    I just want to stress that your EM is not your budget.  I know some people have come on here saying that BM told them they could have their wedding for the cost of their minimum.  I wish that were true but for us it is not!  We were very good though and planned properly and came in about $100 over our EM for our bill with BM. 
  • jcorvesejcorvese member
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    Thanks. I have called, but I feel like it takes a few calls to get these kinds of answers--
    sorry, Didint want to be one of those annoying" how much does this cost" posts,. so I hope it didin't come out that way.

    I just don't want to waste my family's time visiting there if its out of our budget.

    We are having an August 2012 wedding, likely on a Saturday-- so I think my minimum would be more in line with the 30k...

    I think I have an unrealistic view of a wedding budgets-- so I really need to get out there and meet with the vendors---
    I can't wait until I meet with them in July!!
  • JessiTessJessiTess member
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    I concur with what the above users have said.  To clarify even further, the event minimum isn't just rentail fees, linens, etc. It can also be the band, photograher, etc. For instance, we are including our band, ceremony music, food/bev, ceremony fees, photo booth, and probably other things that I am forgetting. 
  • TigertoesTigertoes member
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    Hi -

    I'm booked for a wedding at Belle Mer on Friday (day) July 8, 2011.  My event minimum (EM) quote was $13K.  After reading most of these postings it seems Belle Mer is "all over the board" on the EM.  Since this is a second wedding for both of us I elected to do a good deal of vendor selection outside my EM allowance. I'd recommend the same to others b/c the add on fees (20% and other taxes really add up).  The venue is just gorgeous -  you have to admit.

    Kelli - Belle Mer Bride - July 2011
  • jcorvesejcorvese member
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    Well ladies, I am going to look at Belle Mer tomorrow. She told me the EM is 20,000 for a Saturday in Aug 2012 so we will see how it goes. I dont want to go higher than that honestly, considering eveyrhting else will be another 10k plus.

    I am going to see how negioitable it is
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    Sorry to be nosy but how did your appointment go with Belle Mer? Did you get them to negotiate on anything? Are you going to use them? My fiance and I are in the same boat Im going back there this Saturday and any pointers would be great! Good luck :)
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