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Rhode Island


Hi Anne!  I know this is random but I was just trying to follow-up with you on a post you put up a while ago.  It is about an inexpensive DOC and I think you mentioned that you have a friend who is just getting into the business who would be great.  My mom really doesn't want a DOC and it really doesn't fit into our budget.  I think it would be really helpful to have one but I just know my mom will throw a fit if it is someone super expensive.  I am fine with someone who is just starting out with little experience as long as they are trustworthy and the price is good.  Would you mind sending me your friend's info?  Thanks so much!

Re: *anne.azano*

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    Sure!  Her name is colleen riley and this is her email.  [email protected]

    By the way, this is what our dj said about her:

    I wanted to say how great your wedding coordinator was!  I know she is a friend of the family and just starting out, but she was better than many seasoned veterans I have worked with. I was a little confused as to what to do when I got to the North Beach Clubhouse and there wasn't any room for me to set up inside.  She was so accommodating, moving tables with me, then moving them again!  Finally we decided on the deck, which worked out great!  Please tell her to get in touch with me if she continues with this carreer, and I will happily reccommend her!  

    I hope you two can work something out!  She's a sweetheart!
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    Thank you Anne!  I just emailed her so hopefully she is available on my date and within my budget.  I told her you referred me.  Thanks again!
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    I also emailed her as well to tell her to expect your email.  I hope you can work it out!  
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    Hey Anne!  I haven't heard from Colleen yet and wasn't sure if you had.  I just didn't know if she was already booked for my wedding date but maybe she is busy with the holidays and everything.  Have you heard from her?  Thanks!
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    hmm... no, I haven't heard anything from her.  I'll facebook her and see what's up.  Maybe there's a problem with her email address or something.
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