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Chanler @ Cliffwalk

Hi Ladies!

My fiance and I are absolutely in love with the Chanler at Cliffwalk and !  Would love to hear from anyone who has had or will be having a wedding/reception there what there experience has been like!  :)

Re: Chanler @ Cliffwalk

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    Both are beautiful, but chanler has really strict sound restrictions.
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    I agree, super strict sound restrictions and if you have so many people you need to rent out the entire Inn and it gets pricey! I was priced at over $100,000 to have my wedding there for 150 people! They also have space restrictions and guest count restrictions. It's absolutey stunning and if you can swing the price and don't mind the sound restrictions then you are good to go!
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    Thanks ladies for the info/opinions!  The sound ordinances don't really bother me as I'm looking at a day/afternoon wedding anyways and I wasn't aware that I needed to rent out any rooms unless I decided to use the Cliff Lawn for the wedding reception. 
  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    Beautiful venue but all the rules and restrictions were a turn off. And I didn't even want to host my reception there, just the ceremony! 
  • monkeysnmemonkeysnme member
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    I too fell in love with the Chandler at Cliff Walk...until my fiance and I took a drive down last summer. It is VERY close to the ocean and the seaweed smell was horrible. We crossed them off our list.
  • lespiedsdoc04lespiedsdoc04 member
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    be very careful of red tide!!!   the whole place stinks   when it is march april and summer. i used to live on cliff walk
    He popped the question!
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