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Hey ladies,

So, since I've gotten my STDs in and I plan on mailing them out in January I figure that I should start the process of getting a block of rooms reserved for OOT guests.  I have NO IDEA how this works.  The ceremony is going to be in Fall River and the reception will be at Kirkbrae in Lincoln.  I'm leaning towards having two sets of blocks, one in Lincoln for the drinkers, and one in Fall River for the family who will want to be close to my parents (they don't drink so a shuttle isn't neccessary).  Thoughts?  Tips?  Ideas?  I'm open to all of it.

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Re: Hotel room blocks

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    i would try to scout to out some hotels in each of the areas that you are looking for. Kirkbrae may have some ideas for you too. It's easier than you think - because believe me I was like you and had no idea what to do :)  - you just call and ask about information or to speak to someone about setting up room blocks. You will usually get the sales director or someone in sales. they will get some basic info from you - name, date of wedding  etc. and should draft you up a contract. you can get this sent to your e-mail. you will have to sign and return. some places require a fee to set up blocks, 2 of mine did and 2 didn't. Make sure you find out about 2 night minimums and make sure you won't have to cover the costs of any rooms that don't get booked. the contract should have everything else you need to know. you can usually fax or e-mail back. just make sure you keep a copy of it. I'm trying to think what else...but that should cover it. our wedding is 9/14/12 and i already blocked the 4 hotels and sent out STDs but our wedding is in middletown and it will be the boat show weekend in newport. we also have mostly an OOT guest list so we wanted to get it done and out of the way early. let me know if you have any more questions - sometimes depending on what hotel you call - you may  have to hound them about getting you the contract -but they will- they want the business just like all our other vendors! happy thanksgiving!
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    Kirkbrae has a Marriott (I think) right down the street that runs a shuttle back and forth between Kirkbrae and the hotel.  The people at Kirkbrae can definitely help you out with them.  Just make sure they you don't need to pay for any rooms in your block that do not get booked.
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    It sounds like having blocks at both locations is a good idea in your situation. One thing to remember is if you're planning on doing Welcome Bags for OOT guests, that's a few more places you'll have to stop, so I'd recommend keeping the number of hotels down, but with more rooms available. One of my BMs was kind enough to offer to drop mine off for me at my two hotels, and I was thankful I didn't have more for her to run around! Like pp said, make sure you aren't on the hook for unbooked rooms. Also make sure you find out when they "release" the rooms - meaning, whatever rooms aren't reserved in your block by a certain date are released back into the general hotel room availability. I've seen it with either 30 days prior to event and 60 days prior. You'll need to let your guests know that. In my experience, many waited until the last minute to book.
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    I agree with your idea. If a shuttle ends up in your budget you can always book a school bus through fisher. There is a marriott courtyard right near kirkbrAe. I would call the Marriott they may even have a shuttle to kirkbrAe. I would make the blocks soon. That hotel is allllways full. I think because it's the hotel that fidelity and cvs put people up at. Anyway, I had called there and their rates were about 100 per night. Gluck with the blocks. As pp. noted they usually release them about 30 days before, so be sure to tell guests that
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