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Hi everyone, I am FINALLY getting married!  I have been engaged for 5 years. I have started planning and picked a date many times but, I guess I wasn't ready. Well anyways  I am looking into Diamond Hill Vineyards I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten married  or went to a wedding there ? How was your experiance with them?   Thanks

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Re: Diamond Hill Vineyards

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    I didn't even know the vineyard hosted weddings there. It is quite lush and lovely backdrop for a wedding.
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    I didn't know they hosted weddings either! I grew up in Cumberland and have gone there for bridal showers and such. It's quite lovely. Their wine is just okay though haha. I enjoy their fruit flavored wines.
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    I've been there for Bridal and Baby Showers, but never a wedding.  But I must admit that the people there are very friendly to everyone.  Make sure that your wedding date falls between the season that they will do weddings. The land is beautiful so it is a great place for pictures.  The food served for brunch was always hot and delicious!
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