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Rhode Island

Newport Officers Club?

Hi everyone,
I just came across something online of wedding receptions that took place at the Newport Officers Club in RI. Anyone know how I can get information on having our reception there? I can't seem to find anything on it anywhere. Thanks for the help!

Re: Newport Officers Club?

  • RIFallBrideRIFallBride member
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    I believe you have to be have a letter of reference from an officer.  I'm not sure of the details, one of my friends had her wedding there and I can ask her this weekend.
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    Oh i see. Yes, if you don't mind asking your friend, I would really appreciate it! My fiance served in the Air Force, I wonder if that makes any difference also? Thanks for your help!!

  • MaryLaura13MaryLaura13 member
    edited December 2011
    i looked into it because my Dad was in the military for 32 years. I figured it would maybe get us a deal. But you need a "militaary sponsor" (which would have been my dad) to just walk in the door. It is $15k just to walk in the door, not including food or anything. That was just out of the question for us. But if you have the money and a sponsor it is a beautiful place.
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    Thanks for the info. Yes, I was thinking it will be a more reasonably priced location that the rest of the jamestown, newport area since it is a navy base. It looks absolutely beautiful, but is definately out of my price range from the prices you've learned. Thanks again for your help! Guess I'll just have to keep looking!
  • calindicalindi member
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    The food is also terrible, by the way.  Not worth it at all!  I don't think it's quite $15k - the rental prices I saw were more like $5k-8k.  The menu isn't cheap, though, and the food is truly awful.

    You would also need someone in the military to "host" the event.  The letter is required to meet with them, but ultimately the person in the military has to co-sign the contract.  Usually it's the bride/groom, parent, or close family member.



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    Thanks again for all your info and honesty! You all saved me a ton of time, thanks again!! 
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