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Rhode Island

Don't like MIL dress

My mil bought her dress without me seeing it. From the start I told her that I wanted to help with the process yet when we had appointments she kept canceling them. She ended up always going Alone with her husband. She asked me what colors I liked for her and I told her anything but light blue and of course, she ends up buying light blue. She has made me feel upset a lot during this wedding so it's not the first. She is the mil from hell. Any suggestions as to what I can do bc I really always disliked light blue and didnt want anyone in my wedding to wear it...it's just a personal thing. Also, I wanted everyone's colors to compliment and light blue looks awful with the bridal party colors.

Re: Don't like MIL dress

  • Let it go there is nothing you can do about it. MIL is not part of the wedding party and yes it would be nice if she had a complimentary color but she will not be in all the photos
  • I hate the color of the dress my mom bought too, but it's her dress.  I love dark tones and light tones and hate vibrate tones.  Her dress is royal blue.  As the bride you get to pick your dress, and have a say in the wedding party's attire, but you don't get to pick everyone's outfit.  Besides, you're the only one that's going to think this is a big deal.  Just let her wear the dress she wants.  It could be worse -- she could be wearing white!
  • Unfortunately you don't get to tell others how to dress for your wedding.  You'll have bigger and better things to focus on during the wedding, try not to let it bother you.
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  • I'm know this stinks but try to let it go. If she looks bad, then that is on her - not you! You will still look amazing!

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  • You can't tell people what colours they can or can't wear to your wedding. It's okay to let her know that you don't like but if that's what she wants to wear than you have no right to tell her otherwise. I would pick your battles wisely because she is your mother in law. I don't think you want to come off as Bridezilla here.
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    Thanks for the input..I would never tell people what to wear, it's just that I got bouquets for each mother to carry and her color does not match with the flower color I chose. I wanted them to compliment the colors of the bridesmaids
  • She's the one who will look out of place. No one pays attention to the grooms mum anyhow. Her passive aggressive behaviors will only make her look bad. Don't worry about it.
  • I really don't see why what she wears has anything to do with you.  Yes, she'll be in some photos, but so will other people wearing random, non-coordinating colors.
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