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Hi everyone,
I was just wondering where everyone is getting there cake and what they are paying for it? I have a friend of the family that is willing to make me one for a great price and does great work, but the cake wasnt the best. I'm trying to see what else is out there.

Re: cake?

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    We're using Sweet Sophistications. Roy makes amazing cakes. We're paying $5 per slice but there is a minimum of 100 people. You can also have as many flavors as you want. 

    Just to warn you, if you check out his website, it's horrible and not that helpful. I almost didn't call him because it was so bad. But thankfully he's making a new one. :)
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    For the wedding cake we're using Confectionery Designs in Newport.  They were the most expense that I looked at, $7 - $8 a slice.  He is professor at Johnson & Wales, which i I consider a huge plus.  He only does one wedding per week, which I really liked.  Some other places I looked into did several cakes a week and some made their cakes as early as Wed for a Sat wedding.

    I'm also using Sin Desserts for the groom's cake.  Because of the intricate design of the cake, we're paying for the whole cake, not by slice.  But I believe her cakes were around $5 / slice for a traditional wedding cake. 
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    I'm using Diane's Delectables. Her cakes are DELICIOUS and super affordable (I'm paying $1.45 a slice for one of her speciality flavors).  I highly recommend going for a tasting. You get a bunch of samples in flavors you would never think of.

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    We went to 5 bakers and you can see my review including the costs at http://www.ayleebits.com/tag/cake-tasting/
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    We decided against a cake: The local baker was $5 a slice, and I didn't click with them like I did my other venders. The cake wasn't even that good! In the car coming back from the tasting, my fiancee and I just looked at each other and said, "Do we even need a cake?" We're considering cupcakes but may just go with a candy table and ice cream bar.
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    Dianes Delectables, as someone else mentioned.
    You can't beat her pricing.
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    We used Ellen at Wrights Dairy!  I don't remember exactly but I believe we paid around $600 for a 4 tier cake & a small single tier grooms cake.  I would highly recommend scheduling a tasting with her!
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    Dyane's Sweet Tooth in Cumberland.
    Beautiful cakes, awesome prices
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