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Rhode Island

cupcakes in RI?

We are thinking about doing cupcakes instead of a cake and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of a bakery to go with?  We are expecting around 200 guests to attend the wedding!  Anyone know of a place that isn't crazy expensive since we are going to need about 400 cupcakes!?!!

Re: cupcakes in RI?

  • We're using "Bake, Eat, Love" out of Providence, RI.  Crystal, the owner, is amazing, the cupcakes are amazing, and the cost is very reasonable.  She has a website and a facebook page.  
  • I second Eat Bake Love. Crystal made our wedding cake! Its on her facebook page. Purple ribbon with hand painted palm leaves made of food color from August. She does amazing work.

    We also looked at cupcake contessas. They have facebook page. But ended up doing Eat bake love because they had a little more experience with large wedding cakes. Prices reasonable. Since we decided on cake instead of cupcakes.

    Tasted both companies and both yummy.
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  • sweet indulgence- warwick, RI.
    we also had a cupcake "cake" (tower) and a small cake for us to cut.
    she also did our candy bar.
    I have tried a lot of cupcakes all over-
    scrumptions, newport sweet shoppe, cupcake charlies and hers by far are the best.

  • We used Cupcake Charlies in Newport! I absolutely LOVE there cupcakes.
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  • I would second sweet indulgence. Kerry Cupcake is amazing.I don't think you need 400 cupcakes for 200 people though. You would porobably be safe with 250, why do you want to do 400?
    People will only eat one. Maybe someone will take 2 but then you can just get an extra 50 and some people won't eat any at all! We had a 3 tier wedding cake and an extra round cake to feed our 110 guests... and it was for 125. and we went home with an entire tier leftover...
  • I also 2nd sweet indulgence...her work is stunning and she will perfect a vision that you have! Highly recommend!
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    The Cupcakerie has the most fantastic cupcakes, we used them for our wedding. Kristin Brennan, the owner, is absolutely wonderful. They do cost a little bit but they are the best cupcakes I've had.
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  • Thanks everyone!  I will take a look at these places : )
  • We used Georgetown Cupcakes in Boston.  They don't deliver, but they are SO worth it!  Best cupcakes on earth!

    $29 for a dozen, and they do a free custom fondant topper in any style you want - they even did our (rather complicated) wedding logo!  Everyone loved it, and at less than $2.50/cupcake, it was totally worth it.



  • I had 350 guests and I used the Duck & Bunny in Providece.  They gave me the best rate per cupcake then any other bakery. I purchased 375 just in case.  I also had 4 different kinds of cupcakes and they were DELICIOUS!!  I received lots of compliments and out of 375 there were only 20 left.  Jessica and the staff there was sooo easy to work with.  I highly recommend them.
  • Sweet Indulgence is amaaazing. Not sure of their pricing though.
  • I met with Sweet Indulgence and was not impressed with the taste of the cupcakes or their customer service. We ended up using TipC Cupcakes out of Providence and they were fantastic! Chan worked with us to customize a fantastic dessert buffet for our 90 guests that included five different kinds of cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, creme brulee, tiramisu, and fruit tarts. I highly, highly recommend them! And the price was EXTREMELY reasonable.

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