Rhode Island

Studio 539 Flowers- A++++

Christina did an absolutely phenomenal job on my flowers for my wedding. I found her on a whim one day while exploring the Wickenden St. area, and I stopped in and flipped through her books of wedding flowers. I then returned for a consultation with my husband, and we were sold!

Studio 539 is definitely not your grandmother's florist- there is not a sprig of baby's breath in the whole place! I would describe it more as a modern flare on shabby chic.

Christina was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process, and was very receptive to the ideas I shared with her. She took my ideas and gave me feedback as to what she felt, as a professional, would be best.

When the wedding day came, I was absolutely floored at how fabulous my flowers were. It was like she got inside my head, took what wanted, and then multiplied my vision by 100! I was practically in tears when I saw how amazing they were.

Christina stayed exactly in my budget, but at no point did I feel like I "skimped" anywhere. The flowers were fresh, full, and lush. People who were at the wedding are still talking about them, a month and a half down the road.
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