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Reviews on Sam C?

Hi Ladies,

I am having my second hair trial with Sam C, and I wanted to know how the rest of you liked her.  The first trial did not go well, but that was my fault for being incredibly vague about what I wanted.

What do you think about her work, aside from her price?

Additionally, she says that she can do my hair, and my 5 bridesmaids plus my mom by herself...is this alright?


Re: Reviews on Sam C?

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    I used her.  So did my mom and two sisters.  She is quick and good.  She knows what she is doing.  Sounds like you are having doubts.  What are your concerns?  Honestly, tons of people on here have used her and been really happy.  The reviews posted below by Livelaughlove gave Sam an A+++++++++. 
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    can someone share her contact information? I would love to contact her for pricing! thank you!
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    Love her.  In my trial, she had strands of my hair hanging loose on the left side of my face.  But at the wedding, I didn't have any.  I don't know if she forgot about it, but I didn't remind her coz my hair on my wedding day turned out great, better than the trial.  I loved loved loved my hair.  She did my hair and 3 more in 3 hours.  My hair took a long time coz I had short hair and she had to curl everything etc.  I'll post a photo when I get home

    @silverdara... Sam's email is [email protected]
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    I really loved her work. At my trial, she did a ton of different things so I (and DH) could see what it would look like with my hair comb and veil. So if you don't love the first thing she does, just tell her. She was absolutely understanding about it and it was just a matter of conveying to her what I did or didn't like about it.

    I think she can do 6 people, as long as you start early enough. I know that my hair took almost an hour, but I had long, incredibly thick hair that was getting curled completely. My MOH was done in 20 minutes (short, average thickness).
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    I loved my hair.  She did my hair, my 3 BM, my mom and my daughter.
    All of our hair looked beautiful.  She is such a sweetheart.  I would highly recommend.
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    im about to post vendor reviews but sam was absolutely amazing for our wedding. she did my hair, 5 BMs, bridal attendant, and 2 moms. everyones hair looked amazing and stayed during the 30mph wind that was going on while we took pics.
  • caralinda1985caralinda1985 member
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    I used Sam for my wedding and she's awesome.  She did an amazing job with everyone's hair and you can't beat her price!  She came over at noon and had my hair, my mom's hair, my sister's hair, and 2 flower girl's hair done by 4pm.  I highly recommend her! 
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