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Rhode Island

Alterations too early?

My wedding is the second week of August. I live half way across the country, but have my dress here with me. My first fitting is next week, and it will be complete by the second week in April. I'm not trying to gain or lose any weight during the wedding (at most just toning my arms- not affecting the dress), so I'm hoping to just be done with it in April, and be ready to wear it in August.

One of my friends just found this out and now has me freaking out that it's way too early and I might need to have another fitting later in the game. However, I'd have to find time for another appointment, decide whether to do it in RI or where I live now. My plan was to just try it on at the beginning of my wedding week in case of emergency alterations, but I'm not thinking I'll need any.

Any thoughts on this timeline? Should I reschedule my appointment(s) for later in the game?

ETA: The alterations needed are primarily getting toule removed and having the dress hemmed, and I have my shoes so my height won't be changing. I may have it taken in an inch, but for the most part it fits well, and again I won't be trying to gain or lose weight.

Re: Alterations too early?

  •  Is your friend someone who's weight goes up and down often. If your weight does not normally fluctuate and you always wear the same size, I think it is fine.
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