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Rhode Island

Help! Who is this?

HI Girls, I just wrote recently about how my photographer has vanished.  We email, call and a year later still dont have an album.  DONT USE CMH PHOTO.  Anyways, the day of our wedding the photographers partner couldnt make it and he asked this man to join him in photographing our wedding he told us that he was a local photographer.  I'm hoping to contact him and see if he has had contact with our photographer.  Please let me know if anyone recognizes him.  Its the photographer in the bottom left of the photo.  THANK YOU!

Re: Help! Who is this?

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    I don't know who it is but you might have better luck contacting some of the local photograpers in the area and asking them. I imagine that a long time photographer in the area might know.
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    Doesn't CMH have a physical location as you come into Newport from Middletown?  Have you tried stopping there?
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    no physical location, he was working both VA and RI but now numbers dont work anymore, and cell phones are not answered.  His website is still up and running but hasnt been updated since oct.  Believe me if he had an office I would be there!  so upsetting!  But I do have a CD with my photos on them, so not all is lost, but he does owe me a lot of money for my album I never recieved. 

    Thank you for looking, I'm going to keep trying!
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    Oh I'm sorry, I was thinking of Corbett Photography.  They have a location in Middletown on the way into newport.  Sorry!!
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