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Hello everyone :)

I am getting married June 4th 2011 at Belle Mer in Newport. I am looking to have a band for half of the night. Can anyone suggest a band they used and loved?? Would be a huge help!!

Thank you :)

Re: Band Suggestions

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    I'm using GQ & the Lady!  Linda is great!  I think they are one of the most reasonably priced bands.  I've heard them twice at other weddings and just loved them.  They do the classics and current Top 40.  
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    I was going to suggest GQ and the Lady too, but you are getting married the same day as me so they're booked!! :-)

    I'd check out Afterparty--we really liked them, andt they're a similarly reasonable price -- I couldn't believe how expensive many of the bands were for a Saturday in June!! We also liked Mystique, though they were quite a bit more expensive. Good luck!
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    We are using Rare Form!  They are really good and can play a huge variety of stuff. 
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    Cover to Cover they rock!  I have heard them at one wedding and at a different venue and they are so good.  They are very accomodating.  Call Frankie Russo just to start a conversation.
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    World Premier Band is such a fun band! I love seeing them perform because they can dance insanely well haha. :)
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    We are using Paul Borrelli band.   Rich Roberti is the guy to get in touch with.   wiling to work with budget, friendly, pays attention to everything the bride even mentions.   I am thrilled we got them for our wedding.

    Dont go with search party, they are MIA after they tell you they will play at your wedding

    He popped the question!
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