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Rhode Island

SeeMonkey Photo Booth

Has anyone ever used SeeMonkey photo booth for their wedding? Can't find too many reviews on them but they are considerably cheaper than others since it's open air and I'm guessing just uses a laptop and camera... Any one have experience with them?

Re: SeeMonkey Photo Booth

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    we went to a wedding at oceancliff on nov 5 and they were there. they were great! they had all kinds of props - the bride had her own backdrop but im sure you could get one from them. your guests get a photo with the 3 pics and then they take another copy and put it on black paper with silver sharpies for you to write a message and they create a book for you with all the images. its awesome and we are totally using them for our wedding too - they are super cheap for what they offer! we asked the girl running it - only $650!
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    We are also using them.  I met with them at the wedding expo at Twin River a couple weeks ago.  I like their setup because it is an open air "booth" so more people can get into the picture and the pictures come out really nice.  They also include a disk of all the pictures taken at your wedding in case someone decides to keep both copies of the strips. They only require $100 to reserve the date which is nice too.  :-)
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    We booked SeeMonkey and they have been so wonderful!!  It's actually like a big black box (think 1/2 a refridgerator box) and then they have a stool and they put a pipe and curtain up behind it and have a box of props (you can also bring your own props - I'm collecting Halloween props from friends/family) that people can use and you just push this big button on the box to start the countdown for the picture.  You do get 3 photos on each strip and you get a book to having everyone write it.  I have seen them at wedding expos and you can test them out there.

    I was a little hesitant to use them as well and I liked the idea of an actual photobooth, but I ended up booking with them and telling the other people I had inquired with I wouldn't use them.  A few asked who I booked with and when I told them SeeMonkey all I got were great reviews - FROM OTHER PHOTO BOOTHS!  Apparently the owner is just a super guy.  I can't wait for my wedding now, it literally is going to be the hit of the wedding!!
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    I went to gala and saw SeeMonkey booth in action. The quality of the photo strips and the operation was amazing! I would not hesitate to book them. GREAT value! The owner was running the booth, and he was very helpful and nice. Jane
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    just booked them! he is writing me up a contract! SO excited!
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    I met them at the Twin River bridal show. We booked them for our wedding. James (the owner) has been great and answered all of my questions. I've looked around at a couple other places and this by far has been the cheapest! $650 + $100 travel charge because my reception is outside RI.
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    love see monkey! I agree James has been great. I think it's going to be a hit with our guests :)
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