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B&M Catering Company?

I was looking into different catering companies in the RI area and I came across B&M Clambake. I really like the the food options that they have, they would be perfect for the theme of the wedding and the some of the picky eaters that are attending) Tongue out I was wondering if anybody has used this catering company, how their experience was and if they are reasonably priced. Any input would be appreciated!

Re: B&M Catering Company?

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    I am using them for our rehearsal dinner and they are awesome to work with.  They will completely customize a menu for you and are very flexible.  In fact, FI and I just had our tasting yesterday with them and everything was absolutely delicious!  They made almost all the food on our menu and we had a private tasting at their office yesterday afternoon.  I highly recommend them and can't wait to have all our OOTers experience a RI clambake!
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    I have been eying them too! We are going to set up a tasting next week. Their prices are reasonable and the type of cuisine is perfect for what we want which is comfort food classics for our cocktail hour. We are using an Asian caterer for our dinner reception.
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    That's awesome to hear! I'm looking for a place that has good, but affordable food that will accomodate just about everyones tastes and that are easy to work with. So far, this sounds like the place! Thanks for responding Laughing
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    We used them for our October wedding and I can't say enough good things about their food, service, etc. Our guests are still talking about the cornbread and their BBQ steak tips. We did the "This Ain't Your Mama's Traditional Wedding Menu:" the steak tips, awesome Key lime chicken and grilled swordfish; "cherry bomb" salad with fresh mozzarella, cukes, romaine, basil and raspberry vinaigrette; grilled seasonal vegetables; new potatoes and onions (substituted for the menu's pasta salad offering and they were soo good); and cornbread and rolls. For cocktail hour we did clam chowder (served in cups and they offered oyster crackers), bacon-wrapped scallops, fruit with yogurt dip and sesame chicken skewers. There wasn't a bit left; good thing they put some aside for us! Our guests loved the apps. Bryan's cousin's husband talks about the scallops literally every time we see him and people still mention the chowder, too. 

    Those apps plus dinner for 61 including the upgrade to linens and tableware (instead of disposable) cost us a little less than $3,000. I think it would be really hard to beat that for the quality and quantity of food we got. Their motto is "nobody goes home hungry" and they sure do deliver! In the days following the wedding, we were visiting friends and family to deliver extra food. Yum!

    Below is my post-wedding review. The only other thing I'd add now that I've had five months to reflect is that they include lemonade and coffee, but the lemonade was served in one of those big Igloo-style coolers and it was on a table outside the tent, so nobody knew it was there. It ended up in some of my pics and I thought it looked more appropriate for a soccer game than a wedding. Had I known, I'd have brought pitchers and asked my DOC to be sure a pitcher of lemonade was placed on each table. Coffee was served out there, too, so a lot of people didn't know it was there. Please let me know if you'd like to see photos - chafing dishes full of yumminess - or need any more info.

    B&M Clambakes: A+

    Our food was fantastic and the service was great. We had a mixed grill menu and guests raved about the food, especially the BBQ steak tips, the cornbread and the clam chowder we had during cocktail hour. They offered us a tasting before we even booked, which was nice. They also accommodated my dairy issues and made me a special salad without the mozzarella. B&M offers a great deal for the volume and quality of food you get. They packaged up the extras (including packets of cornbread for guests who had raved to them about it) for us and we ate wedding food for days! I paid for the linens/flatware/dinnerware upgrade and was a little disappointed when I saw the dinnerware was melamine plastic, so be aware of that if you use them. But I’m not sure anyone really noticed or cared. I highly recommend B&M, and they have all types of menus to suit your needs. They were the only caterer we contacted because we fell in love with their menu. Highly recommended.

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    Wow, thank you for that input! Very helpful! I will definitely be contacting them to at least meet with them. If all holds true and they can fit in with our budget, this sounds like they might be it!
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    The other place I was looking into was The Company Picnic... has anyone used or know anyone who has used this catering company?
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    So funny, after we gave the deposit to B&M, I found out about The Company Picnic and I decided to ask for prices. They did seem cheaper, but I got some bad feedback about them from a few people here. Plus, after I did some research, I learned who the owner was and I knew things that made me not want to work with that company. 

    You also might want to check out Russell Morin's more casual menu (http://www.morinsfinecatering.com/images/uploads/Morins_Picnics_2011.pdf) Again, I heard of them after I booked. However, I did call just to set my crazy head at ease but I really wasn't going to save that much (like their chowder as an add-on was twice what I paid at B&M)  and at that point I needed to stop torturing myself about it. But you might check it out! 
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    Thanks for the heads up, I'm glad I asked! You've been very helpful Smile
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